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30th November 2021
More sustainable materials to be introduced into EV charging stations

EVBox Group, a provider of flexible and scalable charging solutions for electric vehicles, and Covestro, a provider of polymer solutions, are working on a pilot project to ensure more sustainable plastics are used in the production of EV charging stations.

27th August 2020
Facilitating emission-free Vehicle-to-Grid charging

EVBox and The Mobility House are partnering to accelerate the transition to emission-free mobility with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies. The partnership will see EVBox provide hardware for projects that involve V2G implemented by The Mobility House. Both companies are investing heavily in R&D (EVBox recently announced its new research Lab) to bring intelligent EV charging technologies to the market.

9th April 2020
Providing seamless EV charging throughout Europe

EVBox and has·to·be have partnered up to further improve the state of eMobility. The common goal for this collaboration is to provide the best possible charging experience to EV drivers - this collaboration helps to extend the EV charging network for both EVBox charging cardholders and has·to·be eMSP.OPERATION customers. 

15th January 2020
The next generation of EV ultra-fast chargers introduced at CES

The future of fast and ultra fast charging has arrived. EVBox revealed its new fast charger EVBox Troniq 100 (up to 100kW), and the redesign of its HPC Ultra-fast charger EVBox Ultroniq (up to 350kW) at CES 2020 last week. 2020 is not only the beginning of a new decade, but a year that marks an extended period of EV adoption. An increase in EVs entering the market and a change in people’s mindset have contributed to this...

4th December 2019
Upgraded factory for electric vehicle fast-charging stations

The festive reopening of EVBox’s Bordeaux facility focuses on the production of fast (DC) and ultra-fast (HPC) charging stations, as well as R&D in new technologies such as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid). The Bordeaux facility was acquired by EVBox in July 2018 and has seen as rapid growth since. Because of the extension and renovation, the factory can now support the growth plan of EVBox by allowing the reception of about 200 empl...

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