ChargeUp Europe appoints EVBox CEO Remco Samuels as President

10th January 2023
Sheryl Miles

Remco Samuels, CEO of EVBox, a specialist EV charging solutions provider, has been appointed as the 2023 president of ChargeUp Europe, the voice of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure industry in Europe.

The association was founded in 2020 by EVBox, Allego, and ChargePoint  to work towards an expeditious and ambitious rollout of EV charging infrastructure throughout Europe.

Expanding Europe’s EV charging infrastructure

2023 will mark the 30th anniversary of the EU single market. For the charging infrastructure sector however, a harmonised and integrated market has yet to fully emerge across Europe – a critical factor to catalyse the rollout of charging infrastructure as the demand for more accessible EV charging increases.

In 2023, ChargeUp Europe will work to accelerate the swift and seamless rollout of EV charging infrastructure throughout Europe, to secure market and governance rules that support openness and competition, and to tackle existing trade and technical barriers.

Looking back on 2022 milestones and achievements, ChargeUp Europe:

  • Published its first State of the Industry Report
  • Organised a first meeting between the board and European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans
  • Provided guidance to the European Investment Bank on incentivising investment in EV charging
  • Provided input to over 20 policy debates, including standards, data spaces, and the contribution of smart charging to manage the energy crisis
  • Strengthened its thought leadership on issues such as tenders, payment technologies, and the role of e-mobility to energy management in buildings.

On the 2023 agenda are, amongst other topics:

  • The successful implementation of a future-proof & user-centric AFIR, the sector’s guiding policy framework
  • Faster and simpler grid connection and permitting processes
  • Fair and effective access to vehicle data, subject to the EV driver’s consent, to create a better driving experience
  • Payment methods that keep pace with the innovation in the sector
  • A response to the energy crisis that incentivises investments in grid capacity, demand-side response, and the continued uptake of electric cars

Remco Samuels, CEO of EVBox, said: “EVBox’s mission has always been to power a sustainable future by accelerating the rollout of EV charging infrastructure. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead ChargeUp Europe this year and to help optimise the electric mobility ecosystem. One topic I hope we can advance in is the alignment of regulations for charging stations and infrastructure across Europe. By working together with industry players, policy makers, and other stakeholders, we can uphold the EU’s vision of zero emissions by 2050.”

Lucie Mattera, Secretary General of ChargeUp Europe, said: “2023 will be a big year for EV charging infrastructure in Europe. The EU’s Commission commitment to e-mobility will move from a phase of target-setting to a phase of actual implementation and delivery that can turbocharge the rollout of charging infrastructure throughout Europe. We are excited to have Remco on board as the 2023 president to help guide our sector through successful implementation of the EU policy framework.” 

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