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Eurotech's strategic direction is to define and penetrate new and emerging markets through innovation and cutting edge research to transform scalable industrial, mobile and wearable computer solutions.

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24th September 2007
Arcom’s ZyWAN - the industrial GSM/GPRS/3G wireless router.

Targeted for telemetry, Internet access and mobile computing applications, the rugged ZyWAN offers a secure and robust connection across GSM/GPRS/3G, CDMA mobile data networks. It provides real-time access to any Ethernet, 802.11b/g or serial device for mobile and fixed data applications.

18th September 2007
Arcom encompasses Eurotech’s vision

After 18 months as part of the Eurotech Group, Arcom is renaming to Eurotech Limited. This reflects the integration of Arcom’s products into the Group’s global array of research driven, advanced technologies.

11th August 2007
High performance computing engine accelerates OEM development

The Arcom QUANTUM PXA270 based SO-DIMM format SBC module gives OEMs an extremely low power, high performance and cost effective computer component for easy integration into their application specific motherboards. Its ready to run potential eliminates the work and risk involved with designing the complex processor core and operating system element. Designers can focus on the I/O and interface features unique to their market application.

18th June 2007
Arcom’s SBC-GX533 single board computer – High performance from a fan-less low profile

Arcom’s SBC-GX533 single board computer consumes just 7W of power yet offers roughly three times the performance of its predecessor the SBC-GX1. The SBC-GX533 is a very low profile, fan-less, RoHS compliant EBX form factor board, based on the AMD Geode™ GX 533@1.1W processor. It is ideal for embedded controllers requiring PC compatibility with full solid-state operation.

5th June 2007
Core 2 Duo Products for the embedded and industrial market

Arcom's new 5.25in form-factor SBC, brings Intel's latest Core 2 Duo technology to the embedded and industrial market. The GEMINI has all the requirements for enterprise and residential network applications as well as the processing power to handle today's demanding software, such as graphics-intensive applications or serious number-crunching programs.

6th October 2006
Entry level Linux development platform for XScale CPU

Arcom has released a new entry level embedded Linux Development Kit to support its ultra low power PXA255 XScale based single board computers. The 400MHz VIPER and 200MHz VIPER-Lite are small footprint SBCs powered by the PXA255 ARM compatible RISC processor.

2nd August 2006
Arcom’s Extended Temperature IXP425 PC/104 SBC takes secure embedded communications into hostile environments

Arcom has released an extended temperature range version of their well established VULCAN PC/104 compatible single board computer. The VULCAN is based on the Intel 533MHz low power IXP425 XScale network processor, making it ideal for secure embedded communications systems. The extended temperature range of -40 to +85ºC permits deployment into remote unattended installations that can be subject to environmental extremes.

12th June 2006
Development Kit allows fast design of embedded Linux devices

Arcom’s new Development Kit allows faster and easier development of a wide range of embedded devices in a Linux environment. The kit’s SBC-GX533 board has a compact Arcom Embedded Linux image installed in its onboard Flash. All onboard hardware features are supported, allowing unrestricted access to their functionality, while all unnecessary software functions have been removed, leaving a compact image of just 13 MB. This can save weeks or ev...

30th May 2006
Windows XP Embedded SBC-GX533 Development Kit reduces design time

Developing Windows XP Embedded applications on the SBC-GX533 single board computer is said to become faster and easier with Arcom’s latest Embedded Development Kit. The kit features a fully licensed XP Embedded operating system pre-loaded onto an industrial grade 1 GB CompactFlash card and ready to run on the single board computer, eliminating the need for Windows Embedded Studio.

3rd May 2006
Fanless industrial PC for RoHS compliant embedded applications

The family of Geode processors from AMD has been highly successful as longlife, low power, fanless computing solutions. To extend the Geode roadmap, Arcom has introduced a next generation board based on the AMD Geode GX CPU clocked at 400MHz but with performance equivalent to a similar class of CPU running at 533MHz.

20th January 2006
Development Kits offer Windows® CE 5.0 on a ready to run platform

Arcom, a Gold level Windows Embedded Partner, has released updated Development Kits for two embedded single board computers - the ultra-low power 400MHz PXA255 XScale based VIPER and the AMD Geode based SBC-GX1.

20th January 2006
Arcom releases VxWorks® 5.5 BSP for 133MHz SC520 SBC

Arcom has launched another Pentium ‘board support package’ development kit to support Wind River’s VxWorks 5.5 real-time operating system (RTOS), the most widely adopted RTOS in the embedded industry.

20th January 2006
Arcom joins ZigBee™ Alliance

Arcom has further demonstrated its commitment to industrial wireless network gateways by joining the ZigBee Alliance at the participant level.

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