Entry level Linux development platform for XScale CPU

6th October 2006
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Arcom has released a new entry level embedded Linux Development Kit to support its ultra low power PXA255 XScale based single board computers. The 400MHz VIPER and 200MHz VIPER-Lite are small footprint SBCs powered by the PXA255 ARM compatible RISC processor.
The Entry Level VIPER / VIPER-Lite Development Kit for embedded Linux features a compact implementation of the GNU/Linux operating system based on the standard 2.6 Linux kernel release. This has been optimised for use on Arcom’s PXA255 platforms and is pre-loaded and configured into the embedded Flash. This offers an embedded version of Linux with a proven background, combined with a high reliability Journaling Flash File system.

The Development Kit offers a range of features to enable low power solutions for wired/wireless information terminals, instrumentation controllers, data acquisition systems and communication products. It is also useful as an aid for learning about RISC hardware, Linux technology and embedded systems programming.

The Development Kit is available with two board options, the fully populated 400MHz VIPER PC/104 single board computer fitted with 64Mbytes of DRAM, 32Mbytes of Intel P30 StrataFlash, 5 serial ports, USB host controller, audio codec and PC/104 expansion or, the 200MHz VIPER-Lite fitted with 64Mbytes of DRAM, 16Mbytes of Intel P30 StrataFlash and 3 serial ports. The Development Kit includes the VIPER-I/O interface board (offering a selection of opto-isolated I/O ports) and a converter module to drive a regular analog VGA display. Also included are cables, connectors, power supply, software and a comprehensive information CD. The Kit is supplied with the Fedora Core 5 DVD for installation onto your host system.

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