Arcom releases VxWorks® 5.5 BSP for 133MHz SC520 SBC

20th January 2006
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Arcom has launched another Pentium ‘board support package’ development kit to support Wind River’s VxWorks 5.5 real-time operating system (RTOS), the most widely adopted RTOS in the embedded industry.
This new Development Kit adds to the wide range of board support packages (BSP) already available for the AMD SC520 based PEGASUS single board computer. Arcom’s Development Kit strategy enables customers to quickly create VxWorks based applications using a reliable reference platform and a production ready product.

The PEGASUS VxWorks BSP Development Kit includes a complete BSP to support VxWorks 5.5, as well as the Tornado installation wizard. Using the standard Tornado® II development tools, designers can quickly create a reliable run time operating system image to download into the resident 16Mbyte Flash drive.

The Development Kit includes the 133MHz PEGASUS PC/104 single board computer fitted with 32Mbytes SDRAM and 16Mbytes of Flash memory, PSU, serial and Ethernet cable set, Quickstart Manual and the VxWorks BSP Installation/Development Kit CD. The PEGASUS is also fitted inside a sturdy metal enclosure ready for installation into OEM equipment.

The PEGASUS is a small footprint PC/104 single board computer powered by the 133MHz AMD SC520 (586 class CPU) processor and is targeted at deeply embedded fan-less communication systems such as communication gateways and high reliability telemetry equipment. The board includes a 10/100baseTx Ethernet port, four serial ports, a printer port, HDD interface (suitable for solid state CompactFlash memory cards and Disk-on-Module devices), a battery backed real-time clock and I/O expansion via the industry standard PC/104 bus.

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