Windows XP Embedded SBC-GX533 Development Kit reduces design time

30th May 2006
ES Admin
Developing Windows XP Embedded applications on the SBC-GX533 single board computer is said to become faster and easier with Arcom’s latest Embedded Development Kit. The kit features a fully licensed XP Embedded operating system pre-loaded onto an industrial grade 1 GB CompactFlash card and ready to run on the single board computer, eliminating the need for Windows Embedded Studio.
This image supports most of the SBC-GX533 onboard functions as well as the rich feature set of the Windows XP operating system. Together with the hardware and software development tools also supplied, it becomes a rapid application development environment which can reduce time to production by weeks or even months.

Windows XP Embedded is popular because it provides a smaller footprint, more robust, lower license cost alternative environment for standard desktop Windows XP compatible applications. It is designed to run from a Flash disk rather than a mechanical hard drive. The kit’s SBC-GX533 embedded PC board complements this approach. It is a low profile, fan-less, RoHS compliant EBX form factor board, based on a 400MHz AMD Geode™ GX 533 1.1W processor. It includes all the standard PC interfaces as well as a full range of multimedia features including onboard graphics which can drive a standard analog display or a TFT flat panel, dual 10/100baseTx Ethernet, onboard 32MB Flash drive CompactFlash (CF+) port, four USB ports, four serial ports and an analog touchscreen interface.

The Development Kit includes everything needed by an engineer to start development immediately. The SBC-GX533 is fitted with 512MB DDR memory, 32MB Flash memory and the 1GB CompactFlash card containing the operating system image. 517MB of this is free for applications and data storage. There is also a full cable set, an AC power supply and a comprehensive Development Kit DVD containing development tools and user documentation. The kit can connect to an analog CRT or Arcom can supply a color 6.5” TFT flat panel display and analog touchscreen complete with cables and drivers.
The Development Kit is a low cost and fast way of designing multimedia PC applications to run on compact low power solid state embedded devices.

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