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28th September 2011
Ericsson étend sa ligne de régulateurs à montage vertical pour applications à surface critique

Ericsson introduit deux nouveaux membres à montage vertical dans sa famille de régulateurs numériques de point de charge (POL) 3E pour applications à surface critique. Les BMR462-SIP (BMR4622002) de 12 A et BMR463-SIP (BMR4632002) de 20 A complètent le BMR464-SIP (BMR4642002) de 40 A récemment introduit et offrent aux concepteurs la possibilité de sélectionner le module convenant le mieux à leur configuration.

27th September 2011
Ericsson Extends Vertical-Mount Voltage Regulator Series for Space-Critical Applications

Ericsson has introduced two new vertical-mounting members in its family of 3E digital point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators aimed at space-critical applications. The new 12A BMR462-SIP (BMR4622002) and 20A BMR463-SIP (BMR4632002) complement the recently announced 40A BMR464-SIP (BMR4642002) and offer board designers the ability to select the most appropriate module for their configuration.

21st September 2011
New Ericsson Power Converters Enable Fast Time-To-Market

Ericsson has introduced two new sixteenth-brick format DC-DC converters that provide designers with quick and reliable board-mounted power solutions, addressing increasing demands for shorter time-to-market. Designed to power 60 to 65W applications, the new PKU4619 and PKU4710 are primarily designed for telecom and datacom systems and equipment, but are also suitable for use in power industrial, process control, test and many other applications. ...

31st August 2011
New Ericsson High Power Density Converter for Data-Network Equipment

Ericsson has introduced a new ultra-high-power-density DC-DC converter that can make a significant contribution to energy saving in data centers. The exceptional ability of this new small-footprint converter to handle high power and deliver tightly controlled output-voltages makes it ideal for use in networking and data storage equipment.

15th August 2011
Ericsson - Digital Voltage Regulator Minimizes Space And Energy Usage

Ericsson has introduced an additional member in its Power Modules family of 3E second-generation digital point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators with a new vertical-mount variant of the recently announced 40A-output BMR464 series.

23rd June 2011
Ericsson’s 3E Design Kit Enables Easier Exploration of Digital Power Architectures

Enhanced performance, Energy management, and End-user value are the key design objectives of Ericsson’s 3E range of digitally-controlled dc-dc converters. The newly-expanded product family comprises two intermediate-bus converters that source up to 240 and 396 W to power a choice of complementary 3E point-of-load regulators that can each supply 12 – 40 A. A second generation of the design kit, with extended features, now simplifies their impl...

17th June 2011
Ericsson 3E digital voltage-regulators now support 93 PMBus commands to reduce energy consumption

More freedom for designers to dynamically optimize energy management. Increased efficiency with fewer components. Fully compliant with PMBus commands. Design simplified; time-to-market reduced

1st June 2011
Ericsson’s 12a Digital Voltage Regulator Completes Flexible Second-Generation Product Family

Ericsson Power Modules’ 3E series BMR462 is the third addition to the company’s family of second-generation, digital point-of-load (POL) regulators. Up to 7 of the 12A devices can be paralleled to deliver up to 84A to the load.

24th May 2011
Ericsson’s Digital Voltage Regulators Offer New Levels Of Control And Energy Saving At Up To 40a Ouput

Ericsson Power Modules' 3E series BMR464 is a new addition to the company's second-generation, digital point-of-load (POL) regulators, that extends the maximum output current from such devices up to 40A.

11th April 2011
Ericsson Scoops 2nd ‘Product Of The Year’ Award From Electronic Products China Magazine

Ericsson Power Modules’ PKM5000D was launched in June 2010 as a flexible, 4:1 input voltage DC/DC converter. Designed primarily to simplify base station design, the quarter brick, isolated converter is also suited to a wide range of other applications including ICT, transportation, test equipment and process control. It offers designers the opportunity to use the same product for both 24V and 48V systems.

14th March 2011
Ericsson 400W Power Interface Module Simplifies Low-EMI Design In ATCA Applications

Ericsson Power Modules announces the PIM4328P, a new 390-540W power interface module (PIM) compliant with the 300W de facto industry-standard footprint. The quarter-brick PIM4328P is optimized to simplify design in blade servers based on Advanced TCA (PICMG 3.0) systems.

Tech Videos
10th March 2011
IBA system efficiency optimization

Case study presented at DPF-2010

11th February 2011
Ericsson energy-optimized, intermediate bus DC/DC converters

Based on a digital core controller embedding an Ericsson efficiency optimizer algorithm, and fully compliant with the Five-pin de-facto industry standard for intermediate bus converters (IBC), Ericsson Power Modules introduces a series of variants to its BMR453 and BMR454 DC/DC converters. The latest versions omit the digital interfaces found in early models, simplifying system design. Ericsson programs the modules in its factory for any output v...

8th February 2011
Ericsson’s Digital Voltage Regulator Offers High Levels Of Control And Energy Saving

Ericsson Power Modules’ 3E series BMR463 is a second-generation, digital point-of-load regulator with unprecedented functionality. It enables systems architects to fully monitor and dynamically control the energy that is delivered to strategic components such as processors, FPGAs, ASICs and others, down to a very low, highly economical level.

1st December 2010
Ericsson's 100w 1/4 Brick DC/DC Converter Shortens Time To Market For Power Radio Applications

Reducing cost and improving efficiency, the topology used in Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4116ND quarter brick DC/DC converter has been highly optimized to lower the number of components while simultaneously reducing power losses. Enabling systems designers to shorten time-to-market, the PKM4116ND is an industry standard quarter-brick product and is 100% pin-to-pin compatible with similar products available to the market.

29th September 2010
Ericsson Wins 5th Award From Electronic Products China For Ultra Wide Input Power Module

Ericsson Power Modules has won a top 10 DC/DC power modules award from Electronic Products China magazine for the 5th time, once again recognising the company's expertise in developing innovative, high efficiency products that reduce the environmental impact of power conversion in electronic equipment. The award ceremony took place on September 17th in Beijing at the ninth annual Power Technology conference.

16th September 2010
Ericsson Recognised For Environmental Excellence With Second E-legacy Award

Ericsson Power Modules was presented Electronic Product Design's (EPD) 'Investment in the Environment Award' at the e-Legacy Awards ceremony in London on 9th September 2010. It is the second time that the company has been presented with an award at this event. Readers of EPD magazine vote to select the winners and the awards, for which there are seven categories, are designed to recognise those companies that will build and shape the future of el...

13th August 2010
Ericsson's E-legacy Awards Entry Achieves Final Selection

Ericsson's Power Modules entry in Electronic Product Design's (EPD) coveted e-Legacy awards has been picked as a finalist in the hotly contested 'Investment in the Environment Award', Ericsson's entry, its 3E* concept and Design for Environment working practices that will contribute to reduce the carbon footprint of Ericsson's products by 40% by 2013 from a 2008 baseline.

13th July 2010
Ericsson’s Digital DC/DC Converter Goes Surface Mount To Save Board Space

Based on the company’s ground breaking BMR453 DC/DC converter, Ericsson Power Modules’ BMR453 SI version adds the company’s innovative Floating Inserted Pins (FIP) technology to offer a surface mount version that enables higher density boards to be designed and used.

29th June 2010
Ericsson's Floated Inserted Pin Simplifies The Utilization Of High-Power Surface Mount Modules

Ericsson Power Modules' has introduced a surface mount version of its 380W PKM4000B module with an input voltage of 36 to 75V and an output of 12V/33A. The PKM4000B SI addresses the increasing need for surface mount versions to meet the ever-increasing space saving requirements demanded by applications and designers.

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