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11th December 2013
Digital POL regulator for ICT and industrial applications

Ericsson has today introduced a third-generation digital point-of-load regulator with Dynamic Loop Compensation. The new Ericsson 3E series BMR463-25A offers a 25% increase in output current over the previous generation BMR463-20A, but is supplied in a fully compatible footprint. It also includes a full set of PMBus commands for fully monitoring and dynamically controlling the energy delivered to strategic components to a very low and highly econ...

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28th November 2013
Ericsson ajoute des simulateurs à l’outil Power Designer pour accélérer le Time-to-Market

Ericsson introduit une nouvelle version de son logiciel de conception d’alimentations numériques. La version 1.4 d’Ericsson Power Designer inclut des nouveautés importantes permettant aux concepteurs d’alimentations de cartes et aux architectes système de simuler des schémas d’alimentation simples ou complexes, accélérant ainsi l’implémentation et la mise sur le march&...

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13th November 2013
Ericsson répond aux besoins des datacom avec un module DC-DC 1/4 de brique de 864 W

Ericsson enrichit sa plate-forme de puissance PKM-NH avec un deuxième module, le  PKM4817NH-PIHS, qui utilise la topologie innovante de régulation hybride du fabricant. La plate-forme est optimisée pour les applications de cartes datacom qui présentent une alimentation distribuée sur un bus système de 52 V / 58 V, et nécessitent des convertisseurs de bus intermédiair...

26th September 2013
Ericsson introduces 12A digital POL DC-DC converter

Ericsson has introduced a new 3E DC-DC regulator. The BMR461 is the first 12 x 12 x 8mm 12A digital point-of-load module to combine Dynamic Loop Compensation, low-bias current technology, advanced energy-optimization algorithms to reduce energy consumption, and a land-grid-array footprint that guarantees excellent thermal, mechanical and electrical performance.

12th June 2013
Ericsson Regulated Quarter-Brick Module Raises the Bar to 750W for High-Power Datacom Applications

Ericsson has unveiled an industry first with its new hybrid-regulated topology. The new PKM-NH platform is optimized for datacom board applications that have a 52V/54V system bus distribution and require regulated high-power quarter-brick-format intermediate bus converters able to deliver up to 750W.

13th May 2013
Ericsson Surface-Mount Advanced Bus Converter Saves Board Space

Ericsson Power Modules have today announced the introduction of a new surface-mount DC-DC converter module. The BMR456-SI is based upon the FRIDA II platform, which was announced last year, both the surface-mount BMR456-SI and the through-hole BMR456-PI quarter-brick 3E* Advanced Bus Converters deliver unprecedented performance to system architects that are developing equipment for ICT applications.

26th April 2013
Thirty Years Of DC-DC Power Technology Leadership

This month Ericsson commemorates thirty years of being at the forefront of developing DC-DC power technology: from the development of its first on-board DC-DC modules to the FRIDA II platform based BMR456 and BMR 457 Advanced Bus Converters that are ideal for implementing the Dynamic Bus Voltage technology in advanced power systems architectures.

19th March 2013
New Ericsson power interface modules integrate digital communication abilities to simplify energy monitoring

Ericsson has announced an extension of its 3E digital power module family with two new digital-communication-bus-enabled 540-648W low-profile quarter-brick Power Interface Modules (PIMs). Compliant with the 300W de facto industry-standard footprint and offering both I2C- and PMBus-based serial bus communications, the PIM4328PD and PIM4328PDA modules simplify board power monitoring and operational functionality without the need for additional exte...

11th February 2013
Ericsson Advanced Bus Converter For Network-Attached-Storage Applications

Ericsson has launched the industry’s first digitally controlled Advanced Bus Converter specifically aimed at powering Redundant Array of Independent Disks and Network Attached Storage hard-disk applications that operate with high capacitive loads up to 15 millifarads. Based on the Ericsson 3E FRIDA II platform, the BMR456 ‘High-Cap’ series (BMR4560004/018) guarantees stable and accurate 12V bus voltage over the full input-voltage range.

17th December 2012
Ericsson wins Green Electronics award at Elektra 2012

Ericsson has had its efforts in environmental sustainability recognized at the Elektra 2012 European Electronics Industry Awards with the company winning the ‘Green Electronics Award.’ The Elektra awards recognize the achievements of companies and individuals throughout Europe and are designed to promote best practice in innovation, sales growth and employee motivation.

7th November 2012
Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer free for engineers

Ericsson has unveiled an advanced industry-first toolkit that provides board-power designers with highly advanced software to configure, implement and monitor power conversion devices — from a single unit to a complete system — including the Ericsson 3E* digital Point-Of-Load (POL) regulators, 3E Advanced Bus Converters (ABCs) and 3E Power Interface Modules (PIMs).

25th October 2012
Ericsson Sets Out Dynamic-Bus-Voltage Architecture Vision to Save Power in Datacenters

Ericsson has laid out its vision to system architects developing equipment for computing-intensive environments such as datacenters. The increasing demand for more Internet services and cloud computing is driving both the expansion and building of new datacenters around the world. A key challenge for operators is the minimization of energy expenditure at the board level.

18th October 2012
Ericsson launches stadium-optimized Wi-Fi solution

Attending a sports match, concert or other event in a full stadium is a great experience that many people instantly want to share with friends and family, by - for example - uploading videos and photos to social networking sites. But interacting via Facebook, Twitter or SMS during such events can sometimes be tricky - due to the sudden increase in network traffic.

27th September 2012
Ericsson sets the power standard in advanced bus converters

Ericsson’s Advanced Bus Converter footprint is fast becoming a new standard in digitally controlled power converters. Introduced in 2008, the Ericsson ABC footprint was designed to provide additional functionality to system architects developing advanced power architectures to reduce energy consumption and also increase flexibility in their operation and supply chain.

28th June 2012
Ericsson Introduces New Power Design Toolbox to Deliver Board Energy Savings

Ericsson has introduced the world’s first ‘toolbox’ that enables systems architects to optimize power profiles and energy configuration prior to implementation in end equipment. The 3E Design Toolbox includes a set of five modules that can be operated as stand-alone devices or interconnected to mirror complex applications requiring multiple power rails with specific configuration profiles such as sequencing, tracking, and load sharing and d...

31st May 2012
Ericsson ‘Digital Power Compendium’ Hits Four-Figure Download Total

The Ericsson ‘Digital Power Compendium’ is the most complete and authoritative collection of technical papers on advanced digital DC/DC power technologies available today. Made available in March 2012 at, it has already accumulated a total of more than one thousand downloads by Power architects, engineers and students.

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30th April 2012
Ericsson ajoute deux cartes de développement à son design kit 3E Gold Edition

Ericsson enrichit son design kit 3E Gold Edition avec deux cartes de développement. Lancé en juin 2011, le design kit 3E Gold est largement utilisé par les architectes de cartes et de systèmes, et facilite l’implémentation des convertisseurs avancés de bus intermédiaire BMR453 et BMR454 d’Ericsson, et de ses régulateurs de point de charge (POL) 3E BMR462, BMR463 et BMR464, contrôlés numériquement via le PMBus.

20th March 2012
Ericsson Unveils the Definitive Guide to Digital Power

New Digital Power Compendium from Ericsson offers more 450 pages on important digital power technologies including 17 technical papers and specifications on Ericsson's advanced and industry-leading power converters. Documents will help power architects and students to develop the next generation of energy-efficient systems

31st January 2012
Ericsson Power Modules Takes Significant Step Forward with New Digital-Power Technology to Reduce Power Consumption

Ericsson has unveiled its second digital-power Advanced Bus Converter platform for use with board-mounted DC/DC power modules in telecom and datacom applications. The company’s new FRIDA II platform integrates an unprecedented number of technical innovations and industry firsts to make a significant contribution in further reducing energy consumption. Delivering lower power dissipation in end-customer systems – decreasing the requirement for ...

17th October 2011
Ericsson Digital Voltage Regulator wins Electronic Products China Award

Ericsson Power Modules has been named as a winner in the annual Electronic Products China Top Product Awards. Ericsson’s innovative BMR454 digital voltage regulator was named as a top 10 DC/DC power product by the magazine. The award, which Ericsson has been the recipient of before, is recognition of the company’s world-class expertise in consistently developing, year after year, innovative and highly efficient products that reduce the enviro...

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