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3rd May 2024
The perfect cameras for OCR enablement in warehouse automation

Warehouse automation is on the rise due to the demand for speed and accuracy.

2nd May 2024
Vision solutions support blood smear testing

Blood smear testing is increasingly being recognised for its precise diagnosis of various blood disorders.

1st May 2024
Types of camera noise and their impact

In this article, e-con Systems explores the types of camera noise and their impact on image quality.

16th April 2024
e-con Systems’ 5MP camera ideal for factory automation

Embedded vision has transformed factory automation – thanks to advances in sensor technology, processing power, and AI.

16th April 2024
How e-CAM56_CUOAGX equips ALPR applications with new-age vision capabilities

In this blog, you’ll get expert insights on the crucial features provided by the e-CAM56_CUOAGX, which can be crucial for ALPR applications.

15th April 2024
Choosing the right camera setup for golf swing analysis

Golf simulator system providers and developers face many challenges when selecting the right golf camera setup. One must consider technical specs to navigate the complexities of golf swing camera placement.

2nd April 2024
e-con Systems launches new high resolution global shutter camera

e-con Systems has introduced a 5MP global shutter colour camera, the e-CAM56_CUOAGX, to its Sony Pregius S camera series for NVIDIA Jetson Orin.

8th March 2024
What are the key camera features of warehouse automation drones?

Warehouse automation drones require advanced camera vision sensors and technologies to ensure efficient performance.

6th March 2024
The impact of embedded vision on patient rehabilitation

Patient rehabilitation is a comprehensive process aimed at restoring or improving an individual's physical, mental, or functional abilities after illness, injury, or surgery. It encompasses a range of therapies and interventions tailored to address specific impairments and challenges faced by patients. This blog explores how advanced camera features enabled by embedded vision technology can be utilised to enhance the effectiveness and patient-fri...

5th March 2024
Gamma correction in embedded vision systems

Gamma correction play a key role in ensuring that images appear correctly in the camera, taking into account the non-linear perception of brightness.

1st March 2024
e-con Systems launches new rugged PoE HDR camera

e-con Systems has introduced a new IP67-rated HDR PoE camera—RouteCAM_CU22 to its Ethernet camera series for tough outdoor conditions.

14th February 2024
One-stop-solution for making your digital skin analysers

This blog explores types of skin analysers prevalent in the industry and gives insights on the kind of cameras that should be used to get the best results.

14th February 2024
Enhancing precision agriculture with 20MP cameras

Here we explore how a 20MP high-resolution AR2020 sensor-powered camera and its functionality help enhance precision agriculture techniques such as weed and bug detection methods.

12th February 2024
Everything you need to know about 3D mapping cameras

3D mapping technology is becoming prominent in several industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to agriculture.

8th February 2024
How Ethernet cameras are making a comeback with new, powerful features

The PoE (Power of Ethernet) technology was first standardized in 2003 with IEEE 802.3af, which offered up to 15.4 watts of power over Ethernet cables. The technology evolved, and with development of new standards, like IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) and IEEE 802.3bt (4PPoE), which provided a higher range for power delivery, led to the introduction of PoE cameras.

8th February 2024
Fixed-focus lenses vs. autofocus lenses

e-con Systems explore fixed-focus lenses vs. autofocus lenses and how to choose the best lens for your application.

2nd February 2024
e-con Systems launches 20MP high resolution multi-camera

e-con Systems has launched e-CAM200_CUOAGX - a 20MP high Resolution 5K MIPI multi-camera based on the AR2020 sensor from onsemi's Hyperlux LP family for NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform.

12th January 2024
e-con Systems debuts robotics platform with Ambarella at CES

e-con Systems, a global provider of embedded vision solutions, and Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company, have announced their partnership and the launch of the e-con Robotics Computing Platform (eRCP).

3rd January 2024
IP69K rating's effect on autonomous mobility cameras

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system is a recognised standard for determining the level of protection an electronic device has against external elements like liquids and solids. Specifically, the IP69K rating is one of the highest levels of protection within this system.

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3rd January 2024
e-con Systems is all set for CES 2024

As the calendar turns to January 2024, the team at e-con Systems is brimming with anticipation for its participation in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

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