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18th December 2009
Diodes Incorporated raises USB port protection with single channel power switches

Diodes Incorporated has introduced 0.5A single channel power switches optimized for USB port protection and other 3V-5V hot swap interconnects. The AP2145 (active low enable) and AP2155 (active high enable) provide complete protection solutions for consumer, computing and communication applications subject to the possibility of heavy capacitive loads and short-circuits.

17th November 2009
Diodes Inc - Higher current power switches optimized for USB

For higher current applications Diodes Incorporated has added two new devices to its AP21XX power switch product line. The single channel AP2101 and AP2111 provide a continuous output current capability up to 2A and have been optimized for use in self-powered and bus-powered USB and other 3-5V hot-swap applications.

11th November 2009
Diodes' MOSFETs optimised for VoIP applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a pair of N-channel MOSFETs offering designers of Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) communications equipment a more rugged solution that significantly reduces circuit complexity and cost.

10th November 2009
Diodes Incorporated Wins Manufacturing Site of the Year Award

Diodes Incorporated has received the 'Manufacturing Site of the Year' award from the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI). The award was presented to the company at the NMI's prestigious annual awards dinner held in London.

17th September 2009
AP731x and AP733x - Low drop out regulators from Diodes Incorporated improve system stability and transient response

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a range of low drop out linear regulators designed to drive low ESR 1µF MLCC capacitors in order to reduce system-level manufacturing cost and improve control loop stability and transient response.

Mixed Signal/Analog
10th September 2009
Diodes Incorporated supports THX Big Room demonstration with high performance audio DAC and pre-amp chip

The Zetex ZXCZM800 multi-channel DAC and digital preamplifier from Diodes Incorporated is playing a key role in the world's first demonstration of the THX Big Room audio concept at CEDIA Expo 2009 in Atlanta USA. A new product design and certification concept introduced by THX Ltd., Big Room aims to bring professional audio quality and performance to prosumer amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and loud speakers used in large, multi-row media rooms and h...

21st July 2009
MOSFETs address LCD backlighting

Diodes Incorporated has extended its MOSFET offering with the introduction of 15 devices tailored to the needs of LCD TV and monitor backlighting. Provided in industry standard TO252 and SO8 packaging, the MOSFETs deliver the high power handling and fast switching required by high efficiency CCFL drive architectures.

15th June 2009
USB power switches with improved power dissipation and smaller footprint

Expanding on the AP21x1/x2 family, the AP21x6 family of dual USB power switches are said to offer a reduced footprint, improved switch on-resistance and better power dissipation than competing devices. These integrated high-side power switches are optimized for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) and other hot-swap applications.

9th June 2009
Dual MOSFET combi saves space without performance compromise

Diodes Incorporated has put a complementary pair of 100V enhancement mode MOSFETs into an SO8 package achieving the same performance of much larger individually packaged parts. The ZXMC10A816 is aimed at H-bridge circuits in DC fan and inverter circuits, Class D amplifier output stages and an array of other 48V applications.

3rd June 2009
MOSFET H-bridges optimise design of DC fans and inverters

A range of four H-bridge MOSFET packages from Diodes Incorporated is set to simplify DC fan and CCFL inverter circuits, by reducing both component count and PCB size in space constrained applications.

21st May 2009
DAC and pre-amp brings cost and performance advantages to AVR and sound card design

Diodes Incorporated has introduced an 8 channel DAC and pre-amplifier chip offering designers of audio video receivers and add-on sound cards the opportunity to reduce component costs while at the same time improving audio performance. Part of the Zetex Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier product line, the ZXCZM800 will dramatically reduce circuit complexity, and in high performance differential mode, will deliver a dynamic range (DNR) as high as...

13th May 2009
Miniature current monitor saves portable battery life

Diodes Incorporated has announced a miniature current monitor delivering what it says is the world’s smallest solution size for battery current measurement in portable applications. Packaged in the thin 4-pin 1.2mm x 1.8mm DFN package, the ZXCT1023 will support system management functions aimed at extending active run times.

30th April 2009
MOSFET packages save space and raise charger performance

For charging and switching applications in portable devices, Diodes Incorporated has introduced dual device combinations in thermally efficient ultra small DFN packaging. The DMS2220LFDB and DMS2120LFWB co-package a 20V P-channel enhancement mode MOSFET with a companion diode in a choice of 2mmx2mm DFN2020 and 3mmx2mm DFN3020 packages. The DMP2160UFDB, co-packages two of the same MOSFETs in the DFN2020 format.

21st April 2009
High voltage SBR rectifier increases power density in power supply applications

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the first in a series of high voltage Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR) packaged in the thermally efficient, compact PowerDI5 package. The superior thermal resistance of the proprietary PowerDI5 package enables the SBR10U200P5 to deliver twice the power density from a PCB footprint that is 40% percent smaller.

24th March 2009
LED driver family from Diodes Inc cuts component overhead

Diodes has introduced a family of LED driver ICs capable of significantly reducing the number and size of external components required by drive circuits. The AP880X step-down dc-dc converters need the support of just four components and by operating at switching frequencies up to 600kHz, enable the use of smaller and lower cost inductors and capacitors.

17th March 2009
OR’ing controller raises reliability of shared power systems

Diodes Incorporated has announced an active OR’ing controller chip enabling shared power system designers to replace heat-dissipating blocking diodes with high efficiency MOSFETs. As a result, in up-time critical telecom, server and mainframe applications, the ZXGD3102 will ensure cooler running, lower maintenance and higher reliability operation.

Wireless Microsite
9th February 2009
Omnipolar Hall switches from Diodes Inc

Diodes Incorporated has introduced two low voltage Omnipolar parts that substantially reduce power consumption in battery-powered, hand-held devices and dramatically simplify production processes. Uses include contact-less lid or display orientation and position detection tasks in notebooks, mobile phones, digital still cameras and camcorders.

9th February 2009
Omnipolar Hall switches from Diodes Inc

Diodes Incorporated has introduced two low voltage Omnipolar parts that substantially reduce power consumption in battery-powered, hand-held devices and dramatically simplify production processes. Uses include contact-less lid or display orientation and position detection tasks in notebooks, mobile phones, digital still cameras and camcorders.

8th January 2009
Diodes to demonstrate cutting edge audio applications at Consumer Electronics Show

Networked audio reproduction and active loudspeakers are just two of the application areas featuring in a comprehensive ‘proof of concept’ showcase for the Zetex Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier (DDFA) technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

16th December 2008
Self protected MOSFET from Diodes Inc

Adding to its IntelliFET product range, Diodes Incorporated has introduced what it says is the world’s smallest fully self protected low side MOSFET. Packaged in the 2.3mm x 2.8mm footprint ‘flat’ SOT23F package, the ZXMS6004FF takes 85% less board space than incumbent 7.3mm x 6.7mm footprint SOT223 packaged parts.

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