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18th December 2020
Two-wire hall effect switches with self-diagnostics

Diodes has announced a family of automotive-compliant, two-wire unipolar (AH323xQ/4xQ) and latch (AH327xQ/8xQ) hall effect switches with integrated circuits (ICs) that provide high sensitivity and high stability over wide operating voltage and temperature ranges.

11th December 2020
Automotive-compliant USB Type-C Port protector

Diodes Incorporated has announced the automotive-compliant, AEC-Q100 qualified, and PPAP capable DPO2039DABQ four-channel protection solution for USB Type-C ports. DPO2039DABQ is targeted for use in applications including automotive head units, rear seat entertainment units, and in-car charging.

19th November 2020
Synchronous buck converters with noise reduction

Diodes Incorporated has announced two highly integrated synchronous buck converters that simplify circuit design in automotive power systems with its Power Good output and its innovative EMI mitigation for noise-sensitive applications.

12th November 2020
Bidirectional level translator connects memory with processing

Diodes Incorporated has announced the PI4ULS3V4857, a SD 3.0-compliant bidirectional level translator for use in communication, consumer, and computing system applications including smartphone handsets, notebooks, SD/MicroSD card readers, wireless access points, and 5G femtocells.

3rd November 2020
Single-gate logic devices for automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated has announced new additions to its expanding portfolio of automotive-compliant logic devices. The 74AHC1GxxQ (standard CMOS) and 74AHCT1GxxQ (TTL compatible) devices are AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified, manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities, and are PPAP capable.

23rd October 2020
Multi-camera MIPI switch enables smaller product profiles

The PI3WVR628 3-lane 2:1 switch from Diodes Incorporated measures just 1.7mm x 2.4mm x 0.5mm.

20th October 2020
Automotive-compliant 40V dual MOSFET in 3.3x3.3mm package

Diodes Incorporated has announced an automotive-compliant 40V dual MOSFET in a 3.3x3.3mm package. The DMT47M2LDVQ can replace two discrete MOSFETs to reduce the board space footprint in many automotive applications, from electric seat control to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

6th October 2020
High-voltage analogue multiplexers provide signal distribution

Diodes Incorporated has announced the introduction of the PS508 and PS509 analogue multiplexers that are capable of switching signal voltages of up to 36V in an industrial environment. The high voltage capability of the devices will support industrial IoT (IIoT) applications using multiple sensors, including factory automation and process control, battery monitoring systems, and test and measurement equipment.

6th August 2020
Precision op amp with ultra-low input offset voltage

Diodes Incorporated announced its first precision op amp (operational amplifier). The AS2333 uses chopper stabilisation to achieve ultra-low input offset voltage of 8µV (typical) and near-zero drift (0.02µV/oC, typical) over time and temperature.

24th July 2020
ZXTP56060FDBQ PNP transistors for automotive LED lighting

Diodes Incorporated has announced the availability of the automotive-compliant ZXTP56060FDBQ and ZXTP56020FDBQ dual PNP transistors. These new products provide OEMs with a highly efficient solution for controlling matrix LED light clusters.

15th July 2020
AP64350Q synchronous buck converters with low EMI

Diodes Incorporated has announced the AP64350Q/AP64351Q/AP64352Q series of automotive-compliant, 3.5A, synchronous buck converters for point of load (POL) applications. The AP6435xQ combines a low quiescent current with a wide input voltage range of 3.8 to 40V.

2nd July 2020
Diodes launches AP61100Q low voltage auto buck converter

Diodes Incorporated has announced the AP61100Q, a 5.5V, one amp continuous output current, automotive-compliant, synchronous buck converter for point of load (POL) applications. With a fully integrated 110mΩ high-side power MOSFET and 80mΩ low-side power MOSFET, it provides high-efficiency step-down DC/DC conversion from five and 3.3V input rails.

29th May 2020
Low dropout regulator with high PSRR in small footprint

Diodes Incorporated has announced the AP7353 low dropout regulator, which offers a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) in a small package, meeting the need for voltage regulation in noise-sensitive, battery-operated devices such as wearables, portables, and connected sensors.

28th May 2020
MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY 2:1 switch enables dual interface

Diodes Incorporated has announced the introduction of the PI3WVR626, a MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY 2:1 switch that enables a single host device to interface with two MIPI compliant modules, helping engineers optimise the design of multi-camera cell phones and other personal computing devices.

22nd May 2020
DMN3012LEG power block MOSFET increases efficiency

Diodes Incorporated has announced the availability of the first in a new generation of discrete MOSFETs. The DMN3012LEG delivers increased efficiency in a smaller package to provide significant cost, power, and space savings in a wide variety of power conversion and control applications.

22nd May 2020
PI3DPX1207Q ReDriver enables DisplayPort via USB Type-C

Diodes Incorporated has announced an automotive AEC-Q100 grade 3 qualified 10Gbps USB-C DisplayPort Alternate (DP-Alt) mode linear ReDriver IC. The DP-Alt mode allows the transfer of DisplayPort signals through a USB Type-C connector.

29th April 2020
HDMI 2.1 active switch optimised for signal integrity

Diodes Incorporated announced the PI3HDX12221, an HDMI 2.1 active switch with linear ReDriver that enables manufacturers of TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes to adopt the latest 12Gbps HDMI standard.

27th April 2020
PCIe 4.0 ReDrivers for high-speed serial bus signals

Diodes Incorporated has announced the PI3EQX16612 and PI3EQX16621 PCI Express compliant ReDriver devices offering four differential channels with either 1:2 (demultiplexing) or 2:1 (multiplexing), respectively. PCIe 4.0 is the preferred serial interface for high-performance IT equipment including desktop and laptop PCs and workstations, and for use in embedded systems.

Component Management
15th April 2020
CMOS clock buffers deliver low jitter operation

Diodes Incorporated has announced the introduction of its new family of automotive-compliant CMOS clock buffers, designed for low power operation in ambient temperatures of up to 105°C, as found in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment applications, and automotive gateways.

5th March 2020
PCIe 5.0 clock generators offer forward compatibility

Diodes Incorporated has announced the company's first families of clock generators and clock buffers that meet PCIe 5.0 specifications while still complying with PCIe 4.0 and previous generations. This gives product developers the forward compatibility they require when developing server, storage, and networking equipment for datacenters that today use PCIe 4.0 but must be ready for the widespread roll-out of PCIe 5.0.

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