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29th June 2010
Dual self-protected MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated provide complete protection and greater thermal efficiency

Optimized for use in the harshest electrical environments, dual self-protected low side MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated provide automotive and industrial applications with enhanced levels of circuit protection and improvements in overall circuit reliability. With an Rthj-a rating of 95OC/W, these SM8 packaged devices offer a thermal efficiency that is 30% better than that of alternative SO8 packaged devices, ensuring cooler running.

25th June 2010
Diodes Incorporated extends USB port protection with single channel power switches

Diodes Incorporated has added 8 devices to its single channel power switch product line. Optimized for use in self-powered and bus-powered USB2.0/3.0 applications and other 3-5V hot swap applications, the AP23x1 and AP21x1D high-side, current limited power switches provide complete channel protection solutions for the current range 0.5A through to 2.0A.

24th June 2010
Rugged MOSFETs from Diodes handle the rigours of VoIP communication equipment

Diodes incorporated has extended its MOSFET product line with the introduction of 60V N-channel devices tailored for use in VoIP communication equipment. Designed to handle the high pulse current needed to generate tip and ring linefeeds and to withstand the avalanche energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series meets the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) D...

21st June 2010
Diodes introduit des composants miniatures en boîtier SOT963 pour les équipements électroniques ultra portables

Diodes Incorporated a introduit des transistors bipolaires transistor, des MOSFET et des dispositifs TVS conditionnés dans des boîtiers ultra miniatures SOT963, avec des performances identiques ou supérieures à des composants dans des boîtiers plus grands.

21st June 2010
Diodes launches miniature SOT963 packaged devices for ultra portable electronics

Diodes incorporated has introduced bipolar transistor, MOSFET and TVS devices in the ultra small SOT963 package, achieving the same or better performance of much larger packaged parts.

18th June 2010
Un circuit de commande universelle de DEL de Diodes Incorporated augmente la fiabilité des systèmes d'éclairage de haute luminosité

Diodes Incorporated introduit un circuit intégré de commande de DEL à multiples topologies, conçu dans le but d'augmenter la fiabilité des Led de haute luminosité dans des systèmes d'éclairage dans l'automobile, l'industriel et le consumer. Référencé ZXLD1370, ce contrôleur de commande de DEL fonctionne en mode buck, boost ou buck-boost. Il combine des boucles de contrôle (demande de brevet déposée) et un capteur de courant high-si...

17th June 2010
Tiny transistors from Diodes Incorporated aid product miniaturisation

In the ultra-small DFN1411-3 surface mount package, 20V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors announced by Diodes Incorporated deliver a dramatic increase in the power density and efficiency of power management circuits. The transistors have been designed on Diodes' Generation 5 matrix emitter Bipolar process.

10th June 2010
Des drivers de LED simplifient les applications faible consommation à cellule unique

Les drivers de LED ZXLD381 et ZXLD383 de Diodes Incorporated ont été conçus afin de fournir la plus simple solution possible pour piloter des LED basse consommation de haute luminosité à partir d'une seule cellule solaire ou d'une batterie rechargeable à une cellule. En se présentant comme des convertisseurs PFM continu-continu avec un transistor de commutation à faible tension de saturation, ces composants n'exigent plus qu'une inductanc...

7th June 2010
Logic products from Diodes Incorporated provide upgrade for industry standard parts

Diodes Incorporated has released its very first family of single-gate logic products. Built on an advanced 5V CMOS process and offering performance enhancements over existing alternatives, the 74LVC1Gxx series provides users with the eight most popular standard logic functions in SOT25 and SOT353 package options, and the 74LVCE1Gxx series offers enhanced performance versions of these same functions.

27th May 2010
LED driver from Diodes Incorporated increases reliability of high brightness lamp systems

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a multi-topology LED driver IC designed to increase the reliability of high brightness lamps in automotive, industrial and commercial lighting systems. The ZXLD1370 LED driver controller operates in buck, boost and buck-boost modes. It combines patent pending control loops and high-side current sensing to ensure accurate current control of LED strings.

20th May 2010
High-side current monitors from Diodes Incorporated simplify measurement at high voltage

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a family of 6 high reliability current monitors for 40V and 60V operation. The ZXCT108X devices detect current in a high side sense resistor and reference it to ground, thereby reducing system circuit complexity and cost.

19th May 2010
Diodes Incorporated - high-voltage dual-input charger for more reliable battery charging

For a variety of handheld equipment requiring both USB and AC/DC power adapter charging inputs, Diodes Incorporated has introduced the API9221 lithium ion/polymer battery charger IC. This dual-input IC enables USB host and DC adaptor connections, delivering charge currents in accordance with the USB standard or up to 1.2A, respectively.

13th May 2010
Power switches provide complete USB port protection

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a family of 6 high-side power switches offering complete port protection for a wide range of self-powered and bus-powered USB and other hot swap applications. Designed to tolerate heavy capacitive loads and short circuits, the AP21x2A dual channel devices are available with maximum load current ratings of 0.5A, 1.0A and 1.5A, and both polarities of enable input.

11th May 2010
LED lighting drivers from Diodes Incorporated simplify low power single cell applications

The ZXLD381 and ZXLD383 LED drivers from Diodes Incorporated have been designed to provide the simplest possible solution for driving low power high brightness LEDs from a single solar or rechargeable battery cell. PFM DC-DC converters with an on-board low saturation voltage switching transistor, the devices only need an inductor for high efficiency LED illumination.

15th April 2010
Diodes Incorporated introduit des convertisseurs haute fréquence « buck » plus petits mais avec des rendements plus élevés

Le convertisseur AP5100 step-down de Diodes Incorporated a été conçu avec l'objectif d'occuper moins de place et d'apporter un meilleur rendement dans des applications comme les décodeurs, les modems et autres solutions de puissance. Conditionné dans un boîtier compact SOT26 6 broches, ce convertisseur de faible coût se distingue par la présence d'un MOSFET de puissance intégré et par une fonction de compensation interne, ce qui rédui...

30th March 2010
Diodes Incorporated introduces high frequency buck converter to save space and increase efficiency

The AP5100 step-down converter from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to bring space savings and efficiency improvements to set top box, modem and distributed power applications. Provided in the compact 6-pin SOT26 package, this low cost converter features a built-in power MOSFET and internal compensation to limit external component requirements.

19th March 2010
Les transistors bipolaires PowerDI5 de Diodes Incorporated permettent d'importantes économies de place

Diodes Incorporated vient d'annoncer ses premiers transistors en boîtier CMS miniature PowerDI®5, en introduisant initialement une gamme de 12 transistors qui ont été conçus avec la technologie d'émetteur en matrice de la 5e génération de la société pour permettre aux concepteurs d'augmenter la puissance tout en diminuant les dimensions.

11th March 2010
PowerDI5 bipolars from Diodes Incorporated bring big space savings

Diodes Incorporated has announced its first transistor products in its miniature PowerDI5 surface mount package. Designed on the company's 5th generation matrix emitter process, a range of 12 NPN and PNP transistors has initially been released, helping designers to significantly raise power densities and shrink solution size.

4th February 2010
Diodes Incorporated announces next generation DBS product family

Diodes Incorporated has announced the introduction of a new family of low noise block (LNB) controllers for direct broadcast satellite (DBS) applications. In smaller packaging and operating at lower voltages and higher levels of accuracy than previous generations, six new devices aim to increase the efficiency and reliability of LNB designs while reducing overall size.

19th January 2010
Diodes' LED driver reduces size and cost of lighting products

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a 1 Amp rated linear mode constant current LED driver specifically designed to reduce the size and cost of a range of general illumination products, including flashlights and lighting in emergency, garden, and poolside applications.

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