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20th December 2010
Self-protected MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated raise protection levels for inductive loads

Diodes Incorporated has announced further additions to its IntelliFET range of self-protected MOSFETs. The 60V, 75m? (typical) rated single N-channel ZXMS6006DG/SG and dual N-channel ZXMS6006DT8 provide thermal shutdown, short circuit, over voltage, over current and input ESD protection facilities enabling circuit designers to dramatically increase circuit reliability. Suiting automotive and industrial applications, these self-protected MOSFETs...

15th December 2010
LDOs from Diodes Incorporated extend battery life

Characterised by low dropout voltage and low quiescent current, the latest linear regulators from Diodes Incorporated suit low power handheld product design where extending battery life is a key design criteria. Dual fixed output devices, the 150mA AP7312 and 300mA AP7332 exhibit respective dropouts of 150mV and 300mV and typical quiescent current ratings of only 60µA.

14th December 2010
Linear constant current driver from Diodes Incorporated provides versatile control for LED applications

The AL8400 linear LED driver controller from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to tightly regulate a wide variation of high brightness LED currents via an external transistor. Suiting a broad range of LED chains in illumination, indication or signage systems, the controller can directly operate from 2.2V to 18V and will drive either N-channel MOSFET or NPN Bipolar transistors.

13th December 2010
Diodes single gate logic now in small DFN package

Diodes Incorporated has released new versions of its 74LVC1GXX and 74LVCE1GXX CMOS logic families in DFN1410 packages measuring 1.4mm x 1.0mm x 0.4mm high. These tiny single gate devices complement the existing SOT25 and SOT353 versions and have been developed primarily for cell phones, smart phones and tablet computers. Compared to wafer chip scale packages, the DFN1410 provides the advantages of lower cost and reduced manufacturing complexit...

13th December 2010
Diodes Incorporated introduit le premier produit en boîtier powerdi5060 à performances thermiques renforcées

Le MOSFET 30 V canal P à performances thermiques renforcées DMP3010LPS de Diodes Incorporated est le premier à bénéficier de son boîtier powerDI5060, dont la technologie unique apporte aux concepteurs de notebooks, de netbooks et autres produits d'électronique grand public une plus grande fiabilité, tout en réduisant l'espace occupé sur la carte.

9th December 2010
Un régulateur LDO de Diodes Incorporated aide à réduire la consommation d’énergie

Avec un courant de repos nominal de seulement 70 µA, le régulateur de tension linéaire ultra basse tension de déchet AP7361 de Diodes Incorporated fera économiser de l’énergie à un large éventail de produits électroniques grand public, comme les téléviseurs LCD, les boîtiers décodeurs et les PC. Offrant une source de tension ajustable et fixe d’une précision de +/-1%, le régulateur se caractérise par une tension de déchet de...

8th December 2010
Diodes Incorporated releases first product in thermally enhanced powerdi5060 package

The DMP3010LPS 30V rated p-channel enhancement mode MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated is the first device to be released by the company in its unique powerDI5060 package, offering designers of notebooks, netbooks and other consumer electronics improvements in reliability and reductions in pcb space requirements.

8th December 2010
LDO regulator from Diodes Incorporated helps reduce energy consumption

With a quiescent current rating of only 70µA, the AP7361 ultra-low dropout linear voltage regulator from Diodes Incorporated will help bring energy savings to a range of consumer electronic devices including LCD TVs, STBs and PCs. Providing a source of adjustable and fixed output voltages at an accuracy of +-1.0%, the regulator has a dropout voltage of just 150mV at 300mA and can deliver an output current up to 1A with 500mV dropout.

8th December 2010
Un régulateur LDO de Diodes Incorporated aide à réduire la consommation d'énergie

Avec un courant de repos nominal de seulement 70 µA, le régulateur de tension linéaire ultra basse tension de déchet AP7361 de Diodes Incorporated fera économiser de l'énergie à un large éventail de produits électroniques grand public, comme les téléviseurs LCD, les boîtiers décodeurs et les PC. Offrant une source de tension ajustable et fixe d'une précision de ±1%, le régulateur se caractérise par une tension de déchet de seul...

2nd December 2010
Diodes Incorporated wins Climate Change Award

Diodes Zetex Semiconductors, the UK subsidiary of Diodes Incorporated has won the Climate Change Opportunity Award 2010 for the North West of England at the EEF's annual Future Manufacturing Awards. The company was presented with the award at a ceremony held at the prestigious Lowry Hotel, Manchester.

12th November 2010
Diodes Incorporated Wins Environmental Awareness Award in the United Kingdom

Diodes Incorporated has received the 'Environmental Awareness' award from the UK's National Microelectronics Institute (NMI). The award was presented at NMI's prestigious annual awards' dinner held in London.

14th October 2010
Diodes delivers plug-and-play efficiency boost for point-of-load converters

Diodes Incorporated has expanded its DIOFET product portfolio with the introduction of two dual channel devices. The DMS3017SSD and DMS3019SSD integrate an optimized control MOSFET with a proprietary DIOFET into a single SO8 package to provide a high efficiency solution for point-of-load converters in consumer and industrial applications.

6th October 2010
Diodes' multi-topology LED driver raises performance of high brightness lighting systems

Diodes Incorporated has announced a multi-topology LED driver designed to increase the performance of high brightness automotive, industrial and commercial lighting systems. Operating in buck, boost and buck-boost modes, the ZXLD1374 LED driver with integrated 60V power MOSFET switch is capable of producing a maximum LED current of 1.5A. The IC uses high-side current sensing and patent pending control loops to achieve high accuracy current con...

30th September 2010
Un driver de Led de Diodes Incorporated simplifie la conception des systèmes d'éclairage basse consommation et faible coût

Diodes Incorporated annonce un circuit de commande de DEL conçu pour les dispositifs basse consommation fonctionnant avec une tension d'alimentation située entre 6 V et 30 V. Ce circuit portant la référence AL8805 est un convertisseur de courant en mode buck de 1 A, qui peut supporter jusqu'à une dizaine de DEL 3W reliées en série. Il est donc adapté à toute une gamme de conceptions faible coût et « électriquement sécurisée », don...

29th September 2010
Les régulateurs LDO de Diodes atteignent une précision de 2% sur la gamme de températures industrielle

Diodes Incorporated a introduit une paire de régulateurs linéaires LDO (low drop-out) fonctionnant dans la gamme de température industrielle de -40°C à +85°C. Adaptés à des applications telles que les décodeurs TV, les routeurs et les écrans LCD, ces régulateurs AP7335 300mA, avec un drop-out de 150mV, et AP7365 600mA, avec un drop-out de 300mV, opèrent avec une tension de sortie fixe ou ajustable et une précision de 2% sur toute la ...

28th September 2010
Diodes' versatile 9-Channel LED drivers improve LCD backlighting performance with 93% efficiency and 1% channel matching

Diodes Incorporated announces two, 9-channel LED drivers with internal charge-pumps for backlighting of small-LCD screens, keypads and LED lights. Working from 2.7V to 5.5V and driving 20mA, the applications include mobile phones and other portable consumer devices. Driving three groups of three LED channels and its three independent PWM dimmable control inputs the AL3158 provides a simple drive for RGB LEDs. The AL3159 with its versatile 3-wire...

16th September 2010
Super barrier rectifier from Diodes raises efficiency of LED drivers

With a forward voltage some 25% lower than standard p-n diode alternatives, the SBR1U400P1 super barrier rectifier from Diodes Incorporated has been designed to increase the efficiency of off-line LED drivers. This 1A, 400V rated part suits both bridge, with a 120VAC input, and buck stages of driver circuits. Applications include LED light bulbs, lighting ballasts, signage and street lighting.

15th September 2010
Diodes Incorporated develops process platform for next generation high voltage rectifiers

Diodes Incorporated today announced the development of a proprietary process platform for the manufacture of next generation high voltage rectifiers. Named DIODESTAR, the process has been developed at Diodes' wafer fabrication facility in Oldham, UK and has just delivered its first device, a high efficiency 600V, 8A rectifier targeted at LCD-LED TV power supplies.

14th September 2010
LED driver from Diodes Incorporated simplifies low voltage low cost lighting design

Diodes Incorporated has announced an LED driver tailored to fit low voltage illumination products operating at between 6V and 30V. The AL8805, a 1A rated buck mode constant current switching converter, will support up to ten 3W LEDs connected in series, suiting a range of low cost 'safe electrical' designs including the ubiquitous MR16 lamp.

1st September 2010
DIOFETs raise efficiency and increase reliability of PoL converters

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the first products from its proprietary DIOFET process that monolithically integrates a power MOSFET and anti-parallel Schottky diode into a single die. Used in the low side MOSFET position of synchronous buck point-of-load (PoL) converters, the DMS3014SSS and DMS3015SSS improve the efficiency and lower the operating temperature of fast switching PoL converters in high volume computing, telecom and industrial a...

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