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Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board level components. It ranks as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world.

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13th August 2020
Current-sense amp comes in a small SC-70 package

Texas Instruments' INA290 is an ultra-precise current-sense amp now available from distributor Digi-Key.

13th August 2020
The Digi-Key Story

The Digi-Key Electronics success story is a testament to the hard work, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of more than 4,000 employees worldwide, and the innovation of our 535,000+ customers. It’s the story of how a small, privately-owned company in 1972 continued to rapidly grow and evolve into a $3 billion corporation. By Kevin Brown, Vice President, Brand & Marketing, Digi-Key Electronics

11th August 2020
LED driver offers flexible dimming options

Texas Instruments' TPS92200 is a 1.5 A synchronous buck LED driver with 30 V maximum input voltage. It is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

6th August 2020
Digi-Key adds low-power TI wireless MCU

Texas Instruments’ CC2640 is a wireless MCU targeting Bluetooth Smart applications. It is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

4th August 2020
LCD equips users with 63 design variants

The EA-DOGM081/162/163 series character LCDs from Electronic Assembly are available in an FSTN positive transflective, STN positive transmissive, STN negative transmissive, FSTN negative transmissive, and STN positive reflective versions.

4th August 2020
Load cells deliver tension measurement solution

Loadstar’s S-Beam load cells, which are in stock at distributor Digi-Key, are named for their distinctive S-shape.

3rd August 2020
Oscillator enables frequency offering up to 500 MHz

CTS Corporation’s VF901723-38.400 MHz ultra-low noise 5G mmWave small cell base station reference TCXO provides a frequency reference with high stability performance attributes targeted specifically for 5G mmWave FSM100xx chipset.

30th July 2020
PFC controller maintains a 180° phase shift

Texas Instruments' UCC28065 interleaved PFC controller enables transition-mode PFC at higher power ratings than previously possible.

24th July 2020
Three-phase power supplies provide up to 5,000 W

XP Power's HPT5K0 series AC/DC power supplies are now in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

21st July 2020
Suppressing acoustic noise in switched-mode power supplies

When sitting in a car, the engine noise we experience is something completely normal. After all, the engine compartment contains a machine with moving parts in it. In fact, manufacturers of cars and other products actually have entire research departments dedicated to tinkering around with (and creating) pleasurable sound experiences. However, as Rolf Horn, Applications Engineer at Digi-Key Electronics explains, it is a different situation with s...

20th July 2020
Power module evaluation kit offers efficiency up to 96%

EPC's EPC9143 1/16th brick evaluation power module is designed for 48 V to 12 V DC/DC applications and is now being shipped by distributor Digi-Key.

Events News
17th July 2020
Digi-Key plans digital transformation webinar

Digi-Key is hosting a digital transformation webinar on July 23 at 11 a.m. CST entitled "Optimizing Procurement by Embracing Digital Transformation."

17th July 2020
Anti-vandal switch has time-saving termination options

The ULV series anti-vandal switch line from E-Switch provides several termination options: solder lug, direct wired, wired moulded boot, and detachable wired socket to meet the manufacturing process of finished goods.

14th July 2020
Blood pressure meter extends battery life to 700 uses

Microchip Technology has created a blood pressure meter, or sphygmomanometer, for measuring and monitoring blood pressure at home.

7th July 2020
SMD film capacitors presented in three options

The CB series SMD film capacitors from AVX are available in metallised polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), metallised polyethylene terephthalate (PET-HT), and metallised polyethylene naphthalate (PEN).

6th July 2020
Target discs expand diameter and height options

Low-profile target discs from Mill-Max offer additional diameter and height options.

3rd July 2020
NFC universal device meets CCC digital key specifications

An automotive-grade high-performance NFC universal device supporting NFC initiator, NFC target, NFC reader, and NFC card emulation modes is available from Digi-Key.

2nd July 2020
Reference designs help connect medical weight scales

Smart connected weight scale reference designs for medical applications from Microchip Technology are in stock at distributor Digi-Key Electronics.

Mixed Signal/Analog
30th June 2020
Mux-demux switch supports USB 3.2 up to 10 Gbps

Now available at Digi-Key is Texas Instruments' TMUXHS4212, a high-speed bidirectional passive switch in mux or demux configurations.

30th June 2020
RF transceiver modules boast embedded RC232 protocol

The RC11XX-RC232 RF transceiver modules from Radiocrafts are compact surface-mounted high-performance devices for GFSK operation with embedded RC232 protocol.

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