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Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board level components. It ranks as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world.

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2nd June 2020
MCU family offers 512 KB of dual partition Flash

The PIC24FJ GU4/GL4 microcontroller family from Microchip Technology offers up to 512 KB of dual partition Flash supporting real-time over-the-air (OTA) updates and EEPROM emulation. It is in stock at Digi-Key.

29th May 2020
eFuse provides robust protection features

Now available from distributor Digi-Key is Texas Instruments TPS2663 device, a positive 60 V and 6 A eFuse with a 31 mΩ integrated FET that is easy to use.

29th May 2020
Development platform supplies host of solutions

The Curiosity Nano development platform from Microchip Technology is an adaptable toolset for taking a project from exploration to working prototype.

Test & Measurement
26th May 2020
T&M protoyping platform in stock at Digi-Key

Digilent’s Eclypse Z7 bundle enables engineers to create high-speed instrumentation, control, and measurement systems for edge computing, medical, and communications applications.

22nd May 2020
Current sensor IC suits space-constrained applications

Allegro Microsystems’ ACS37612 standalone coreless current sensor IC is now in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

21st May 2020
Evaluation kit accelerates 32-bit MCU-based designs

Microchip Technology’s DM320119 Curiosity Nano evaluation kit is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the SAMD21G17D MCU and supported by the MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE).

News & Analysis
1st April 2020
eBook focuses on benefits of using APIs to cut costs

A free eBook covering the benefits of implementing Application Programming Interface (API) solutions has been published by Digi-Key.

30th March 2020
Embedded computers cope with hostile environments

A new model has been added to VersaLogic’s “Swordtail” product family, the latest in their line of production-ready Arm-based embedded computers.

News & Analysis
26th March 2020
Support for customers impacted by COVID-19

Change and volatility seem to be the new norm around the world and more specifically in the electronic components industry, from Brexit and Incoterms to COVID-19.

31st January 2020
Exploring the DNA of an electronics distributor

Electronic Specifier headed state-side for a sit-down with Digi-Key Electronics President and COO Dave Doherty, to get the latest on the company and what makes it tick.

Events News
14th January 2020
IoT, AR feature in Digi-Key demos at embedded world

Digi-Key Electronics is ready to roll into embedded world 2020 in Nuremberg (February 25-27) with a comprehensive menu of interactive technical demonstrations, traditional games and giveaways. The company is also an official sponsor of Student Day on February 27, when 1,000 final-year engineering students from around the world gather to meet potential employers.

Tech Videos
9th December 2019
Need something unique for that special holiday tinkerer?

Are you looking for something unique for that special holiday tinkerer?

29th November 2019
How to connect a TEMT6000 light sensor to DK IoT Studio

The ability to measure and record ambient light levels is a common and useful sensing function for many IoT projects.

9th October 2019
Digi-Key, ADI measurement platform kickstarts designs

Digi-Key has forged a partnership with Analog Devices to offer its new MeasureWare platform. This will allow Digi-Key customers to kickstart designs by providing immediate access to availability and pricing of qualifying products.

6th September 2019
Digi-Key partner with Student Circuit for Freshers Week Events

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, and Student Circuit, an online resource for anyone undertaking further education within the world of electronics, has announced a competition to win ten SNAPTAIN drones and one InstaLab Kit at ten universities during the Freshers Week events 9th September - 2nd October, 2019. 

Events News
5th September 2019
Partnership of Digi-Key and Student Circuit for Freshers Week events and competition

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, and Student Circuit, an online resource for anyone undertaking further education within the world of electronics, announced today a competition to win 10 SNAPTAIN drones and one InstaLab Kit at 10 universities during the Freshers Week events 10 Sept. – 2 Oct, 2019. U.K. university students can enter the competition, and other Digi-Key giveaways, at one of the university event...

29th August 2019
Build high energy density power supplies with integrated eGaN

High energy density switch-mode power supplies (SMPSs) can accelerate battery charging, reduce the size of solar micro-inverters, and meet the demand of server farm power requirements, all without generating excessive heat. However, engineers are now reaching the performance limits of the silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs that form the primary switching elements of conventional SMPSs. Instead, transistors constructed from enhancement-mode gallium nitride...

29th August 2019
How to use a voltage reference for an accurate data conversion

In the rush to more quickly and efficiently connect the analogue and digital worlds to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s easy but unwise to overlook the critical role of the voltage reference. Used by analogue-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) converters as the primary standard by which to “judge” the analogue input and output values, it helps ensure accurate signal and data conversion, but only if ...

25th June 2019
How to use serial EEPROM memory for storing data

Using the Arduino Platform and basic coding, in this video from Digi-Key, Robin shows how it possible to store data on a serial EEPROM memory chip with the I2C serial bus. 

15th May 2019
Buttons and switches addressing design needs

Touchscreens and membrane switches are useful for visual and low-profile control panels. However, some applications require designers to emphasise safety, ease of access, the switching of high voltages or current, a known configuration at power up, or robustness. For such situations, mechanical switches and buttons are often ideal, but designers need to choose carefully. Rich Miron, Applications Engineer at Digi-Key Electronics, explains.

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