12V to 54V power supplies based on low-profile design

29th April 2024
Mick Elliott

The LOP series power supplies from MEAN WELL have a power rating ranging from 200 W to 600 W.

These PCB type power supplies are designed for high reliability, quality, efficiency, and safety, making them ideal for various electronic instruments and devices.

The series stands out with its low-profile design (1-inch to 1.31-inches in height), wider voltage range (12 V to 54 V), and increased power capacity within a compact footprint.

These power supplies can handle 150% load capacity for up to three seconds, ensuring stability and performance during peak demands.

They also boast a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C and comply with OVCIII, 2xMOPP, and BF medical application standards, making them versatile for use in diverse industries.

Compared to the existing EPP/RPS series, the LOP series offers significant enhancements, including a broader voltage range, increased power output, and improved safety features. These power supplies comply with multiple safety standards (62368-1, 60601-1, 61558-1, and 60335-1) and are suitable for Class I or II systems, with applications spanning communication, network, medical, industrial control, security, and home automation.

Diverse industry needsare met with their compact form factor, wide voltage range, and robust features like 150% peak load capacity and extended operating temperature range.

They deliver the reliability and versatility required for critical electronic applications, whether for medical equipment, industrial machinery, or home automation systems. Their adherence to stringent safety standards and excellent EMC performance make them a compelling choice across various sectors seeking dependable power solutions.

They comply with 2xMOPP, making them suitable for Type BF medical applications.

Features include 4-inch x 2-inch and 5-inch x 3-inch standard universal dimensions with ultra-low profile. The power supplies offer 80 VAC to 264 VAC input and built-in PFC, no-load standby <0.5 W. They have passed international certifications in multiple fields: ITE, medical, industrial, and household.

Maximum efficiency is up to 95%.

Applications cover communications, networks, medical, industrial controls, security and home automation

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