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9th April 2020
Supply on a cliff edge? Edge towards Cliff

Citing its flexible UK-based design and manufacturing facility, Cliff Electronics says it is is well placed to fulfill the demands of its customers and continues to grow and expand into new markets.

6th April 2020
Connectors in white nylon enhance look of end product

Two versions of its FeedThrough connectors aimed at manufacturers of medical diagnostic and treatment equipment have been launched by Cliff Electronics.

14th January 2020
Professional jack sockets offer switching options

The industry standard ¼ in. S1VS series of compact vertical PCB mounting jack sockets with a range of switching contacts from Cliff Electronics targets manufacturers of professional audio and broadcast equipment.

23rd January 2019
Gold-plated terminal posts for audio connections

In their UK factory, CLIFF Electronics, designs and manufactures an extensive range of touch-proof Terminal Binding Posts. Applications include professional and consumer audio, test and measurement, power supplies, industrial and agricultural vehicle equipment, instrumentation and medical systems.

4th January 2019
Locking power connector range features different keyways

  It has been announced that Cliff Electronics have added a locking connector to their CLIFFCON power connector range. The CLIIFCON-P range is comprised of a power input plug and socket, a power output plug and socket and an inline cable extension coupler.

5th December 2018
RJ11 and RJ14 connectors now come in panel mount form

FeedThrough (FT) connectors from Cliff Electronics, supplied in the industry standard 24mm diameter XLR panel cut-out, now include the CAT3 RJ11 and RJ14 connectors to offer users a panel mount option. The RJ11 and RJ14 are the most widely implemented connectors in telecommunications and commonly used for token ring and simple 10Base-T networks providing 10Mbps transfer rate, operating at 16MHz.

30th October 2018
Dust covers now available for FeedThrough connectors

It has been announced that Cliff Electronics, provider of FeedThrough (FT) and standard connectors supplied in the industry standard 24mm XLR panel cut-out, can now provide dust covers to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. Dust covers offer protection for unmated fibre optic connectors and other control interfaces which need to remain uncontaminated when not in use or when in storage.

14th September 2018
Recessed socket plates with custom connectivity

It has been announced that Cliff Electronics, provider of FeedThrough (FT) and standard connectors in the industry standard 24mm XLR panel cut-out are now offering panel builders and system integrators a user customisable connectivity option. The new XRP Customisable Recessed Socket Plates continue to use the popular XLR panel cut out.

23rd August 2018
Plastic bodied FeedThrough BNC connector offers cost savings

A panel mounting BNC connector with a molded plastic body has been added by Cliff Electronics to its very popular range of FeedThrough (FT) connectors. The new BNC RF coaxial connector is available in 50 and 75Ω versions and is fully compatible with existing products and applications while offering customers cost and weight savings.

30th July 2018
Rack patch panels pre-assembled with connectors

Feedthrough and conventional connectors from Clif Electronics are mounted in the widely used, industry standard, 24mm-diameter XLR panel cut-out. Standardising on this commonly used format simplifies panel design and manufacture by having the same cut-out for every connector required.  

14th May 2018
Interconnect options available in 24mm diameter XLR panel cut-out

Cliff Electronics’ range of 24mm-diameter XLR Panel cut-out connectors has been further extended to include mono and stereo ¼” jack sockets and high current terminal posts. XLR connectors are used in audio and broadcast systems and are suitable for instrumentation, medical and industrial products due their flexibility, security and reliability of the format.

26th March 2018
Waterproof cable assembly fitted with non-reversible 2 pole plug

  Cliff Electronics has announced the introduction of a new waterproof cable assembly fitted with a non-reversible 2 pole plug with a current rating of 5A.

T&M and Monitoring
6th March 2018
Cable testing reels are ideal for distant circuits

UK-designed and manufactured Earth Testing Cable Reels have been introduced by Cliff Electronics. These long-life, high-reliability cable test reels are intended for professional R2 and earth bond continuity testing and are compatible with a very wide variety of test meter brands.

5th December 2017
High bandwidth optical connectors simplify panel design

  A range of optical connectors are manufactured by Cliff Electronics which are suitable for high quality audio systems, broadcast, AV installations, home theatre, automation, instrumentation, data and IT connectivity, medical equipment instrumentation, industrial control and data acquisition and other high bandwidth signal connections.

20th July 2017
Gold plated contacts enhance jack socket range

The range of audio jack sockets from Cliff Electronics has been extended with the introduction of a socket featuring gold plated contacts. Suitable for low level signals and high-surge voltages gold plated contacts offer a high reliability connecter solution. The sockets are available two diameters, 6.3mm or 3.5mm to mate with the most popular jack plug sizes.

29th June 2017
Dual DC power sockets feature on-board switch contacts

  The Dual DC Power Socket by Cliff Electronics is now available in white to facilitate design into medical, domestic and personal electronic products. The white Dual DC Sockets are available with solder tag or 90° PCB mounting and both feature on-board switch contacts. 

17th May 2017
New dual USB sockets available in XLR shell

The dual USB2.0 and USB3.0 24mm mounting (Rectangular) connectors have been added to Cliff Electronics fast growing range of XLR format standard and Feedthrough connectors. The new dual USB XLR format connectors are available with two different housings, either a rectangular 24mm version or the Series 5 model which has a 21.9mm diameter circular design.

20th March 2017
USB-C versions extend data connector range

The range of XLR-Format Feedthrough Data Connectors from Cliff Electronics has been increased with the addition of single and dual USB-C versions. The industry standard 24-pin fully reversible plug USB-C connector system provides high speed transport of data and power connecting system hosts to peripheral devices and replaces various USB-B and USB-A connectors and cables with a future-proof standard.

17th March 2017
High speed USB-C is latest addition to data connectors range

Further increasing it’s successful of XLR-Format Feedthrough Data Connectors range; Cliff Electronics has added single and dual USB-C versions. The industry standard 24-pin fully reversible plug USB-C connector system provides high speed transport of data and power connecting system hosts to peripheral devices and replaces various USB-B and USB-A connectors and cables with a future-proof standard.

18th January 2017
Connectors simplify panel building and system integration

A 1U 19” rack mounting panel has been introduced by Cliff Electronics, to aid system builders with integration of the range of XLR-Format FeedThrough connectors. The panel has a black anodised finish and will accept 16 FeedThrough connectors and features a labelling strip for end users to identify the function or individual connectors. The panel is also fitted with a strain-relief bar for tying internal cables to, relieving pressure on...

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