Gold plated contacts enhance jack socket range

20th July 2017
Mick Elliott

The range of audio jack sockets from Cliff Electronics has been extended with the introduction of a socket featuring gold plated contacts. Suitable for low level signals and high-surge voltages gold plated contacts offer a high reliability connecter solution. The sockets are available two diameters, 6.3mm or 3.5mm to mate with the most popular jack plug sizes.

They are available in stereo or mono form, may be PC or panel mounted, have on-board switch contacts and are available with an internal or external thread.

Complementary accessories include black or grey combined nut and bezel, EMI/RFI screen (6.3mm diameter only) and a recessed mounting plate to facilitate flush mounting of the socket.

“Reliability is critical for both live performance and permanently installed systems. Gold plating provides low resistance and low oxidisation contacts and extended connection cycle life,” comments John Hall, managing Director of Cliff Electronics.

Cliff Electronics patented range of “Stack Jack” sockets allow two sockets to occupy the same PCB space as a single conventional socket. This offers increased printed circuit board density with greater reliability than vertical jacks for mono and stereo applications. Options include selection of stacking spacer thickness to accommodate flexible fixing choices. 

Typical applications include musical instruments and amplifiers, effects pedals, audio and educational equipment, mobile systems for exhibition audio tours, PDAs and personal audio products.

In addition to jack plugs and sockets Cliff Electronics manufactures its market leading range of Feedthrough connectors, power connectors, terminal posts, test connectors, test leads and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, hand tools, production aids, lighting connectors, motors and fans.

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