Rack patch panels pre-assembled with connectors

30th July 2018
Mick Elliott

Feedthrough and conventional connectors from Clif Electronics are mounted in the widely used, industry standard, 24mm-diameter XLR panel cut-out. Standardising on this commonly used format simplifies panel design and manufacture by having the same cut-out for every connector required.


To further assist systems integrators by simplifying and speeding up assembly time while reducing component count and cost Cliff are now providing 1U x 19in. rack patch panels pre-assembled with commonly used fibre-optic connectors.

Panels are available with an optional cable strain relief bracket.Applications for the patch panels include audio, video, digital, optical and data feeds and professional equipment for post-production and editing suits as well as networking, lighting, instrumentation and industrial applications.

The four pre-loaded panels include one with the popular and widely used ST MM (multi-mode) fibre-optic connector whose straight tip connectors utilise a bayonet-style coupling providing a simple twist-on and twist-off installation. The ST connector is one of the most popular connectors for multi-mode networks in buildings and campuses.

The SC SIMPLEX rack panel meets the requirements of single mode (SM) fibre-optic cables where each cable has one fibre and the small form factor LC DUPLEX  connector is available as single and multi-mode (SM and MM) assembled panels used for duplex communication between devices where a separate transmit and receive signal are required.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Applications for fibre-optic communications continue to grow as data speed, quality and bandwidth are pushed ever further by system designers. Our pre-assembled connector rack panels, whether fibre-optic, audio, power or USB offer systems integrators fast and convenient system assembly.

The Cliff range of XLR Format Standard and FeedThrough connector range allows designers to simply integrate.

Cliff’s XLR format connectors take advantage of the standard 24mm panel cut out widely used in audio and broadcast systems and which is finding increasing popularity instrumentation, medical and industrial applications due to the format’s flexibility, security and reliability.

Versions available include RJ45, HDMI, BNC and USB3.0 compliant single and dual USB versions in addition to the existing range which provides Analogue, Digital and Optical Feed-Through connectivity in formats includingFirewire, HDMI A-A and 50 ohm BNC versions, USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A “gender change” sockets high speed USB Type – C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations - A-A, A-B and B-A.

Also available are all popular data and Ethernet connectors including USB 2.0 and 3.0, LC and SC fibre (Duplex & Simplex), UTP and FTP RJ45s in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), Toslink, RCA Phono and HDMI and blanking plates.

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