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22nd August 2022
The BED range of door enclosures

In wet and tough conditions, IP65/IK08 BED Door Enclosures with solid or transparent doors suits outdoor installations; industrial and commercial applications and many others

9th May 2022
Versatile enclosures for domestic & commercial applications

BCL’s AB Series enclosures are attractive and unobtrusive, suitable for providing a neat finish and protection of electronic or electrical systems in offices, commercial premises and domestic residences.

7th October 2021
BEDS lockable IP66 galvanised steel door enclosures

From BCL Enclosures, the BEDS Series of lockable, solid door steel enclosures are designed to provide high-quality, secure, cost-effective protection for exterior electronic and electrical installations, providing IP66-rated protection against water and dust ingress as well as meeting IK10 specifications against impact.

26th July 2021
Rugged aluminium die cast enclosures provide protection

New from BCL Enclosures are a series of rugged, die-cast aluminium alloy enclosures designed specifically to protect electronic instruments. Rated to IP54 against dust ingress to ensure normal continuous operation of their contents as well as protect against water splashes from any angle, these die cast enclosures also provide excellent EMC protection. 

30th March 2021
Sealed B0 IP67 series enclosures from BCL

Protecting PCBs from the elements effectively is the task of the B0 Series of IP67 enclosures from UK manufacturer BCL Enclosures. Ensuring continued functioning of electronic circuit boards, these IP67-rated enclosures are made totally dust and particulate tight with a vacuum seal and can protect their contents against the effects of full immersion in up to one metre of water for as long as 30 minutes. 

12th March 2021
Tough BN junction box enclosures protect against impact

The BN Series of junction box enclosures from UK manufacturer BCL Enclosures are made from high quality, flame-retardant ABS (UL94-HB) with a solid wall thickness of three to four millimetres. Designed to a robust specification, these strong and resilient enclosures are rated to IP66 to completely protect their contents against dust and particles as well as powerful jets of water.

22nd January 2021
Versatile SB1 speaker enclosure in two different shapes

Speaker enclosures from BCL Enclosures have provided an easily-assembled, cost-effective solution to housing wiring and components for applications such as alarms, panic alarms, extension speakers and intercoms. The housing units are cleverly designed in two parts and are manufactured in white ABS. 

9th December 2020
The BCH Handheld enclosure series for control equipment

A new range available from BCL Enclosures, the BCH Handheld enclosure series is designed specifically for housing control equipment and provides a strong, ergonomic and flexible solution suitable for use in many different types of control equipment.

7th October 2020
ABS enclosures combine simplicity and ruggedness

Two families of ABS enclosures from BCL Enclosures aim to combine simplicity and ruggedness to provide an unobtrusive enclosure in situations where aesthetics are important, such as domestic, commercial and office spaces. The AB Series are two-part enclosures with a matt finish and lids which are retained with four self-tapping screws that can be inserted from either inside or outside then hidden with the supplied matching plastic covers. 

10th September 2020
ABS power supply cases include flame-retardant models

BCL Enclosures has announced that two different series are available, the PS5 range of battery-eliminator style cases and the PS2 range of in line ABS power supply cases. Manufactured in the UK, these moulded cases can be supplied on fast lead times.

20th August 2020
Robust handheld case models from BCL Enclosures

The BC range of handheld boxes recently released from BCL Enclosures, includes a number of different models suitable for a wide range of applications - these protective cases can be used for measuring instruments, wireless communication devices, control and data recording devices and many more. 

6th April 2020
Multipurpose ABS enclosure with integral PCB slots

The MB Series from BCL Enclosures is a multipurpose ABS enclosure series with lids specifically designed to be flexible and customisable to suit multiple applications. All except one model have internal PCB slots (ribs) to retain printed circuit boards securely.

16th January 2020
Low cost potting boxes protect the tiniest electronic circuits

BCL Enclosures offers a comprehensive range of potting boxes to protect small electronic circuits in all kinds of applications, ranging from consumer products to automotive harsh environment applications. The GPL Range is designed for permanent encapsulation of electronic circuits and is manufactured in ABS, which is lightweight yet robust. The GPL Range features fixing lugs for secure attachment to a wide variety of surfaces.

14th November 2019
IP65 enclosures with solid or transparent doors

BCL Enclosures has announced a new range of IP65-rated door enclosures that are dust-tight and able to be washed down, so suit environments such as food processing and others where there may be a high degree of airborne particulates. Available with solid or transparent doors in a wide range of sizes, the BED Series is also flame retardant to UL94V-HB.

14th October 2019
A robust and customisable enclosures for multiple applications

BCL Enclosures has expanded its PBL Series of flanged enclosures. PBL Series flanged enclosures are well suited for small assemblies or potting box applications and provide protection to small electrical systems. The flanged system assists surface mounting which secures the system to the appropriate surface. The PBL Series can also be used to house and mount small PCBs or used as potting boxes. 

4th July 2019
No set up fee, no MOQ customisation service from BCL Enclosures

  A specialist customisation service for ABS enclosures with no minimum order quantities or set up fee is offered by BCL Enclosures. The company prides itself on the breadth of its standard product range, which it is then able to customise to suit virtually any application.

16th April 2019
Room sensor enclosures keep air flowing around sensitive electronics

  BCL Enclosures has announced the availability of BCS Series sensor enclosures, which are specially designed to keep the air flowing around sensitive electronics, including thermostats, sensor probes, temperature, gas and humidity sensing applications.

14th January 2019
Small ABS enclosure solution for multiple uses

Following the recent announcement of the expansion of its business, BCL Distribution, the specialist UK manufacturer of standard and custom plastic enclosures, has expanded its T Series enclosures of small multi-purpose boxes. Specifically designed to be a flexible solution for multiple applications, T Series enclosures can be easily modified by drilling or punching to suit specific customer requirements.

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