A robust and customisable enclosures for multiple applications

14th October 2019
Alex Lynn

BCL Enclosures has expanded its PBL Series of flanged enclosures. PBL Series flanged enclosures are well suited for small assemblies or potting box applications and provide protection to small electrical systems. The flanged system assists surface mounting which secures the system to the appropriate surface. The PBL Series can also be used to house and mount small PCBs or used as potting boxes. 

A robust solution for multiple applications, the general purpose expanded PBL Series is moulded in ABS for strength and durability. There are three variants within the PBL Series: PBL2 and PBL3 are general boxes with bases, available in black or white as standard.

The base is loose fitting and can be secured in place by clamping to a panel or bulkhead. For applications requiring a tamperproof housing, the base can also be riveted to the box, protecting the contents from casual interference.

PBL7 is a flanged enclosure in black ABS featuring a separate self-locking base and seven numbered slots to take wires or 0.25” PCB mounting blades. There is also a raised panel to take labels for easy identification of contents and other information. Measuring 100x95x42mm high, it is a smart solution for design critical applications.

The third option in the PBL series is a range of models with fixing flanges, bases and slotted mounting lugs. Designed originally for automotive applications, this range is versatile and can be used in many different projects. These cost-effective general purpose boxes are moulded in black with the slotted lugs enabling simple fixing. Three versions, PBL04, PBL06 and PBL1 are designed for interference push fit, but can also be glued to provide a secure housing. On the larger PBL08 and PBL09 models, the base is retained with the four stainless steel screws provided.

Like the other standard enclosures in the very broad range offered by BCL, the PBL Series can also easily be punched or drilled to suit individual uses as BCL Enclosures specialises in customisation. All of the above are moulded in Black ABS as standard, other colours and materials are available upon request.

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