No set up fee, no MOQ customisation service from BCL Enclosures

4th July 2019
Lanna Deamer


A specialist customisation service for ABS enclosures with no minimum order quantities or set up fee is offered by BCL Enclosures. The company prides itself on the breadth of its standard product range, which it is then able to customise to suit virtually any application.

“We have a great deal of experience and many satisfied customers using our customisation service on an ongoing basis, and it is cost effective even on large order quantities. This is evidenced by the volume of repeat business we handle." said Sales Manager, Mandy Thompson.

“We take care to get the samples right, and sometimes this can involve asking detailed questions at the initial design stage, but we are passionate about what we do and invest the time upfront to get the right result.”

The process of obtaining samples is very quick and simple, companies only need supply brief details of the application they require the custom enclosure for, specify which enclosure from the BCL ranges they are thinking of using and send in a drawing with apertures, lugs and other features marked in millimetres.

Any size slot, hole or aperture is possible within the confines of maintaining the structural integrity of the enclosure itself. BCL Enclosures then supplies one or two samples back to the customer free of charge. There is a small minimum order value of £25, with no set up fee. Turnaround time on orders ranges from 7-14 working days.

Recent examples of successful customisation projects include intricate modifications to BCL’s general purpose enclosure model AB910W for a manufacturer of conservatory blinds, modifications to multi-purpose box models with lids MB5 and MB6 for a well-known brand of fans, and intricate modifications to three different enclosure models for a long standing customer of over 15 years’ standing specialising in odour control and removal technology.

The latter involves three different-shaped apertures on multipurpose lidded enclosure MB4, intricate multiple holes on another MB4 model, and modifications of four holes at one end, four holes at the opposite end, and four holes in the base to matt-finish ABS model AB910W.

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