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9th May 2024
BAUMER's non-contact level sensor overcomes challenges

Accurate, efficient, and reliable detection of fill levels is crucial in many industrial flow and level sensing applications, particularly with the increasing demands of customer requirements and challenges. 

7th November 2023
Baumer releases new streamlined sensors

Baumer has introduced a new series of sensors that stands out for its precise measurement capabilities, reaching up to five micrometres, all packaged within a notably compact form.

24th October 2023
‘Smart’ profile sensor is key to space and time-saving electroplating robot

In many applications, surface coating such as electroplating is an important part of the manufacturing process and if performed manually, will require a considerable amount of space and human resources.

8th September 2023
Unrivalled sensor performance in the smallest package

When space is really tight in your industrial automation sensing application, trust sensing and instrumentation specialist BAUMER to provide the ideal solution; a high quality sensor in the smallest package. 

26th July 2023
Optical Sensor promises performance with class leading affordability

The new 0330 Optical Sensor from sensing and instrumentation specialist BAUMER is the latest addition to their ever-expanding photoelectric range of sensors combining smart design features with high performance reserve capacities. 

13th June 2023
Simple, reliable code reader in a compact package

A compact, multi-code reader which is capable of processing up to 40 frames per second, even of different code types, is the latest introduction to the BAUMER Smart Vision Range of Sensors.

12th April 2023
Compact sensor for optimum conductivity measurement

Measuring conductivity in smaller sized production facilities especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries demands the most compact, yet robust sensors and the new BAUMER PAC50 process sensors meet these critical requirements.

15th March 2023
White Paper on the challenges and solutions of optical sensors

In many manufacturing applications object detection commonly deploys optical sensors because when compared to other types of sensors, they provide the important benefits of precise, non-contact detection at very short response times across both long and short distances.

15th March 2021
Big features in miniature laser distance sensors

The development of miniature laser distance sensors which provide exceptional measurement performance are a vital component in today’s more compact machines and systems, helping manufacturers to meet the ever-present demands for optimum efficiency.

3rd February 2020
Laser distance sensors combine accuracy with connectivity

The latest range of OM70 laser distance sensors available from BAUMER are designed to provide reliable and precise inline measurements, even on more ‘challenging’ and inconsistent structured surfaces and materials. They also include the very latest connectivity options for outstanding usability and fast analysis for quick and easy sensor adjustment via the intuitive Baumer web interface feature. 

19th November 2019
Programmable encoders combine optimum flexibility with precision

Provide opportunities for commissioning, service and maintenance are among the benefits associated with the range of programmable encoders from sensing and instrumentation specialist, Baumer. The range of encoders has breadth of choice encompassing incremental, absolute, industrial and heavy-duty, representing a choice of 33 product options.

30th April 2019
Miniature sensors for challenging object detection

Sensing and Instrumentation specialist, BAUMER, has introduced a new range of optical miniature sensors which raise the standard of precisely detecting challenging objects across a range of applications. Slightly larger than a honey bee with a housing size of eight millimetres, 0200 miniature sensors provide reliable detection, even for challenging objects ultra-black, shiny, transparent or small objects (down to a size of 0.25mm diameter / width...

10th January 2019
Robust, highly flexible ultrasonic sensors

The new range of robust and flexible ultrasonic sensors from Baumer for distance measurement and object detection aim to set high standards for process reliability and longevity in ultrasonic sensor technology. They are available in 2two designs; the cubical U500 and cylindrical UR18 with both options characterised by a robust housing and hermetically sealed sensor elements to ensure they can withstand extreme environments.

7th December 2018
Distance sensors combine precision, speed and flexibility

  The development of increasingly sophisticated automation systems is one of the main drivers for distance measurement sensors to combine features and functions such as high accuracy, high speed and micro-millimetre precision, along with all the benefits of IO-Link connectivity.

6th September 2018
Encoders combine ultimate durability and precision

The tough demands of industrial environments and challenging outdoor applications inevitably tests the durability and reliability of components such as sensors and encoders. Furthermore, for some applications the challenge is also for more sophisticated and specialised control, resulting in the need for components which offer the vital combination of robustness AND optimum precision.

2nd March 2018
Miniature laser sensors with precise detection ability

Designed with IO-Link technology, the new O300 miniature laser sensors from Baumer are especially for the reliable detection of very small objects and gaps. Thanks to a laser beam which focuses to within 0.1mm and the high repeat accuracy of 0.1mm, objects can be positioned with high precision and follow-up processes controlled exactly. 

20th October 2016
Teaming up for simple and precise measurements

The new distance-measuring inductive sensors IR08, IR12 and IR18 from the Baumer AlphaProx family offer easy and reasonably priced analysis of the measurement results without any additional cost or effort for programming, thanks to linearised calibration curves and very low standard dispersion rates.

1st July 2011
Magnetic proximity switches expand magnetic sensor portfolio

Baumer expands its magnetic sensor portfolio with three new families of magnetic proximity switches.

15th June 2011
New Baumer VGA camera with 140 fps

Based on the Sony ICX618 CCD sensor, the new TXG02 from Baumer is one of the fastest industrial digital cameras with VGA resolution on the market.

15th June 2011
OADM 260 laser sensor measures up to 13 meters

Baumer expands its portfolio of distance measuring sensors with the OADM 260 laser distance sensor.

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