OADM 260 laser sensor measures up to 13 meters

15th June 2011
ES Admin

Baumer expands its portfolio of distance measuring sensors with the OADM 260 laser distance sensor.

The new time of flight technology sensor measures distances up to 13 meters. With its compact housing it is one of the smallest and at the same time most powerful sensors on the market.

The sensor is especially suited for path measurements in large-format machines, e.g. in wood, metal or paper processing, or in hydraulic lifts and raised platforms. The repeat accuracy (+/- 5 mm), linearity (+/- 20 mm) and short measuring repetition rate of 10 ms allow precise measurements even on moving objects.

The compact design of the sensor facilitates its integration into the application. The integrated standard alarm output improves the safety of the process.

This output reports if the sensor cannot interpret the received signal due to heavy soiling of the lens. Additionally, it indicates if there is no object in the measuring range of the sensor.

The measuring range of the OADM 250 can be adjusted via a teach-in button or the connector cable. The robust metal housing, the washable glass pane, and protection class IP 67 guarantee a high durability, even in harsh industrial applications

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