Encoders combine ultimate durability and precision

6th September 2018
Enaie Azambuja

The tough demands of industrial environments and challenging outdoor applications inevitably tests the durability and reliability of components such as sensors and encoders. Furthermore, for some applications the challenge is also for more sophisticated and specialised control, resulting in the need for components which offer the vital combination of robustness AND optimum precision.

The MAGRES range of ABSOLUTE ENCODERS from sensor experts BAUMER is proven around the world in the harshest environments and industrial applications, such as utility vehicles, cranes, wind energy plants, steel and metal processing plants.

The new generation of Baumer encoders, such as the MAGRES EAM580 and EAM360, successfully combine proven robustness with ultimate precision. Their angular accuracy of up to ±0.15º ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning for process control applications which previously required optical sensing.

For ultimate reliability, the MAGRES EAM encoder hardware has been developed on the EN 13849 standard which means they can be integrated as standard components with embedded software in overall certified systems up to PLd.

They are also available with redundant sensing where the position is transmitted via 2 Node ID’s which have to be checked for plausibility in the control system.

An integral part of the new generation of encoders is the R Series (EAM580R & EAM360R). These are designed to be E1-compliant to ensure high electromagnetic compatibility, combined with IP67 protection and C5-M corrosion resistance.

The result is uncompromising durability for the most demanding outdoor applications such as mobile automation. Furthermore, their 0.5mm² wire core cross-section means they are fully compatible for the latest automotive connection technology.

The EAM580 with PROFINET option supports the latest communication standards while OPC UA is ideally prepared to make IoT a reality.

The broader Baumer range of encoders includes options in 58mm and 36mm sizes along with an extensive variety of mechanical designs, mounting and interface options which provide users with maximum flexibility so they can choose the best encoder for their application. Also, thanks to their compact size MAGRES encoders are ideal for applications where space is limited.

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