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18th November 2020
600V MOSFETs are in TOLL package to save space

  Alpha and Omega Semiconductor have packaged the latest MOSFET series in a leadless package that is smaller than a D2PAK to save space in a many applications.

28th September 2020
Driver-MOSFET devices set new benchmarks in graphics

The AOZ531x series of DrMOS (driver and MOSFET) devices by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) target graphics add-in cards and gaming notebooks.

21st August 2020
High SOA MOSFET is designed for 12V hot swap applications

  The AONS32310, from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, is a 30V MOSFET with low on-resistance and a high SOA (safe operating area) capability.

3rd August 2020
Package technology decreases on-resistance in battery MOSFETs

  RigidCSP package technology allows a decrease in on-resistance, says Alpha and Omega Semiconductor. At the same time, it is claimed to increase mechanical strength for robust assembly board manufacture.

5th June 2020
Latest AOS SiC MOSFETs target industrial markets

  Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has introduced the AOK065V120X2. This is the first in a planned series of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs.

18th March 2020
Two super junction MOSFETs are in SM packages

Two super junction MOSFETs from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, the 700V and 600V αMOS5 are available in surface mount DFN5x6 and DFN8x8 packages.

11th November 2019
Synchronous buck DC/DC regulators increase efficiency in standby mode

  Efficiency in standby mode is increased by up to 6% in the AOZ6682CI and AOZ6683CI synchronous DC/DC buck regulators, says Alpha and Omega Semiconductor.

21st October 2019
High surge TVS has low clamping voltage for USB Type-C

   Low clamping voltage, high-surge transient voltage suppressors (TVS) from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor are designed for VBUS protection and can be used for USB Type-C power delivery (PD) in laptops and smartphones.

24th July 2019
Package design enlarges PCB connection

  A flip-chip package design, developed by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor meets telecommunications' requirements for secondary rectification and where parallel operation is critical.

8th April 2019
GaN brings efficiency to server power supplies

  High efficiency, high density power supplies in the telecomms, server and consumer adapter market are targeted by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, with the introduction of the first transistor in its 650V aGaN family.

21st January 2019
Two regulators implement higher power output to accelerate operation

  Two regulators by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor have high power output to meet the demands of next-generation microprocessors and SoCs, says the company.

23rd July 2018
Input protection switch has true reverse blocking to protect internal circuitry

  Providing over-voltage protection for Type-C Power Delivery applications, the AOZ1376 is a smart protection switch from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS).

2nd July 2018
25V technology boosts efficiency in leadless package for servers

  Alpha and Omega Semiconductor have introduced the AONX38168, the newest generation of its XSPairFET leadless package. It claims that the latest generation 25V technology sets a new industry standard for high power density applications.

4th May 2018
Converters are compact for power conversion in chipsets and FPGAs

  Two converters are the first in a family of I2C controllable EZBuck regulators, announced by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor. The 4.0A AOZ2231CQI-01 and the 8.0A AOZ2233CQI-02 provide a compact, efficient power converter solution for next-generation chipsets and FPGAs used in high-end TVs, set-top boxes, data storage systems, servers and other embedded systems, says the company.

16th March 2018
Load switch caters for notebooks with Type-C Power Delivery

  Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduces the AOZ1353 Type-C Power Delivery-compliant load switch with up to 28V over-voltage protection.

5th February 2018
MOSFET has higher power density for computing

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor claims that its new generation of XSPairFET sets a new industry standard for high power density applications. The AONE36132 is available in a DFN 3.3 x 3.3mm package.

12th November 2017
Production technology boasts best performance for isolated DC/DC MOSFETs

  Claimed to deliver the best performance for isolated DC/DC primary and secondary MOSFETs, the AONS66916 MOSFET uses the company's Shield Gate technology Generation 2 technology. The 100V 3.6mOhm MOSFET is designed for high-density power supply use.

13th October 2017
P-Channel MOSFET has low RDS ON for USB Type-C interface products

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has announced the first in a family of P-Channel MOSFETs. The AONR21357 is designed for USB PD load switch applications.

17th July 2017
MOSFET is engineered for server, computers and charging stations

Claimed to have superior switching and EMI performance, the AOTF190A60L is the first in a family of MOSFETs based on Alpha and Omega Semiconductor's aMOS5 HV MOSFET technology.

9th March 2017
Modules integrate a dual gate driver for synchronous step-down

A dual gate driver and two optimised MOSFETs are integrated in a 31pin QFN, from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor. The AOZ5038QI DrMOS power module is designed for high end computing and graphic applications.

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