Two super junction MOSFETs are in SM packages

18th March 2020
Caroline Hayes

Two super junction MOSFETs from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, the 700V and 600V αMOS5 are available in surface mount DFN5x6 and DFN8x8 packages.

They are intended to facilitate the design of slim power supplies, such as quick chargers or adapters, solar inverters and telecomms rectifiers.


According to the company, they are optimised for high-density, low profile and small footprint power systems, for example they can be used in quick charger, adapter, PC power, server, industrial power, telecommunications and hyperscale data centre applications, which require high performance, high-density operation. 


The MOS5 DFN8x8 MOSFET’s footprint is only 64mm², which is 57 per cent smaller than that of D2PAK, reports Alpha and Omega Semiconductor. It also realises a height reduction of 80%, compared with a D2PAK, says the company, due to its package thickness of 0.9mm. Another benefit is the lower source inductance of the DFN8x8 package (compared with a D2PAK version). This helps significantly reduce gate ringing and turn-on loss (Eon), says the company. It also improves system reliability. The package also has Kelvin source connection, which reduces switch-on loss through separate power and drive sources to improve switching. 

The MOS5 DFN5x6 product’s footprint is 30mm², which is 61% smaller than that of DPAK, confirms the company. Its package thickness is 0.75mm, which is a 67% height reduction compared with DPAK, reports the company. The DFN5x6 package’s low source inductance makes the MOSFET suitable for fast switching and small form-factor PCB layout.


Initial DFN products will be available as the 600V, 210mΩ AONV210A60 in a DFN8x8 package. There will also be two 700V options, the 660mΩ AONS660A70F and the 1.6Ω AONS1R6A70 both in DFN5x6 packages. The super junction MOSFETs also come with an MSL1 rating.

The AONV210A60, AONS660A70F and AONS1R6A70 are immediately available now.

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