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22nd August 2006
Rugged inductive sensors offer wider sensing distance

Now available from Aerco is the Series 700, a range of rugged inductive sensors from Contrinex that sets new standards in reliability, strength and sensing distance. The whole sensor, including the sensing face, is machined from a single piece of stainless steel and can thus withstand extreme impact, high shock levels and is resistant to almost any chemical stress.

22nd August 2006
Cooling fans with Intelligence

Many of the fans in Aerco’s extensive range can be supplied with multi-function signals and controls to provide system protection and intelligent cooling control. With modern, complex assemblies the cost of system failure is greater than ever before and, in applications where the system load changes dramatically, an intelligent cooling approach where the fan speed is adjusted to maintain the enclosure at the optimum temperature at all times is...

31st July 2006
Telegärtner coaxial adaptors from Aerco

Aerco now supplies a range of ‘in-series’ and ‘inter-series’ adaptors from Telegärtner that allows a cost-effective, convenient and versatile method of providing a transition between different series of coaxial and triaxial cables and connectors.

31st July 2006
New Hall-effect joystick available from Aerco

Now available in the UK from Aerco is the range of Model 501C Hall-effect Joysticks from US company Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems (Ultra MSI). Ultra MSI’s unique adaptation of Hall-effect technology for multi-axis joystick sensing was first patented and introduced by Ultra MSI in 1998 (U.S. Patent No. 5850142) and offers many benefits over traditional potentiometer and inductive joystick designs.

18th July 2006
Warm white LEDs can be used with filters to provide virtually any colour

Now available from Aerco is a range of warm white LEDs from MARL that emit a colour temperature similar to an incandescent lamp allowing them to be used with filters to provide virtually any colour.

29th June 2006
20A snap-action switch

Now available from Aerco is the S820, a newly designed, snap-action switch from Schaltbau that is said to have many advantages over its predecessor, the popular S800 series.

20th June 2006
Fuseholders provide cost-effective protection

Now in stock at Aerco is a new range of high quality fuseholders from Belling Lee designed to provide cost-effective circuit protection for commercial applications up to 30A at 600VAC.

13th June 2006
IP rated AC fans from Aerco

Aerco now supplies from stock a range of AC fans meeting IP ratings up to IP54 that complement the IP rated DC fans that are also stocked at Horsham.

7th June 2006
MMC connectors from Aerco for high performance in tight situations

Now available from Aerco is a range of miniature bayonet locking connectors from Deutsch designed to address the key issues of weight and space while providing high levels of performance in harsh environments.

5th June 2006
Bespoke solenoid design service at Aerco

Aerco has set up a specialised design and manufacturing service to provide customers with bespoke solenoids to meet particularly demanding or unusual applications or for when a product has become obsolete.

5th June 2006
Aerco voted as leading supplier for Q4 2005 by Raytheon

Aerco has been chosen as the leading distributor supplier in terms of quality and supply chain services for the Quarter 4 of 2005 by Raytheon Systems Limited.

10th May 2006
New Force operated joystick

Aerco has announced the Model 462 compact, two-axis, force operated joystick control from Ultra MSI. Because of its small size and low weight, it is ideal for systems that require precise control and where space is limited.

25th April 2006
Aerco appointed assembling distributor for AB Connectors

Aerco has been appointed by AB Connectors as the assembling distributor for the company’s AB05 range of connectors. As a result, Aerco will assemble these connectors within five days at what it says will be highly competitive prices

19th April 2006
Fan allows users to select airflow

The Etri 341DY DC axial fan, available in the UK from Aerco, is supplied in four performance versions with airflow capacity ranging from 33.8 litres/sec (71.7 CFM) to 52.0 litres/sec (110.2 CFM) so that a fan can be selected to best suit a wide range of applications.

19th April 2006
Compact RoHS compliant mains filters

Aerco has stocks of Belling Lee's compact, RoHS compliant mains filters. They are fully approved to VDE, UL, CSA and Semko+.

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