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26th January 2018
LVDTs reduce design cycle time

Aerospace Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT) in Single Channel, Dual Parallel and Dual Tandem Series from Honeywell are now available at Aerco. Designed for next-gen harsh-environment aircraft applications, Honeywell’s aerospace LVDT provides infinite resolution linear position solutions for design engineers needing to reduce design cycle time and expedite speed to market.

11th December 2017
90˚ adapter fits tight installation conditions

The M12 90˚Adapter from Provertha is now available from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. The M12 90˚Adapter is available in versions for Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, DeviceNet/CAN bus and Profibus and boasts extremely compact dimensions, making it ideal for tight installation situations with minimal installation depth.

28th November 2017
Circular connector assembly fast tracked by distributor

To meet demands from the rail market, distributor Aerco is offering fast turnaround assembly capability of typically just five days on both the ABCIRP and ABMP ranges of high-performance, circular connectors from TT Electronics. The distributor stocks a large quantity of piece parts, including backshells, caps, contacts and multipole contacts, and supports both entire ranges in all orientations. There is no MOQ.

3rd November 2017
Ethernet collection extends bandwidth capacity to 10Gbps

The expanded Alpha Essentials Industrial Ethernet collection includes 10 constructions in categories: CAT 5 PROFINET, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 7. The constructions are now available from distributor Aerco. The very wide range of industrial Ethernet categories From AlphaWire offers customers improved component integration and bandwidth (bandwidth capacity extends up to 10 Gbps (Gbit/s).

29th September 2017
Proximity sensors reduce maintenance costs and increase flight hours

  Distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components, Aerco is now stocking Honeywell’s IHM series aerospace proximity sensors, which the company claims to be the industry-leading indirect lightning and dielectric ruggedness, plus enhanced vibration and EMI specifications to meet challenging applications found in today’s composite aircraft.

Events News
12th September 2017
DSEI 2017: Wireless sensor hub monitors critical systems remotely

Barnbrook’s Blue Cube wireless sensor hub which enables real time data to be delivered remotely to mobile devices and PCs is being showcased by Aerco at DSEI in London. Blue Cube is an award-winning wireless sensor system originally developed to monitor the condition of onboard systems in trains, tracking them in real time to make sure they are running efficiently, avoiding delays and cancellations due to system failures.

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12th September 2017
DSEI 2017: Snap fit connectors based on proprietary contact technology

The Snaptac series of circular and rectangular miniature snap fit connectors from Smiths Interconnect is now available from Aerco. The Snaptac series is an ultra-reliable, extremely robust hi-rel interconnect system for use in dirty and contaminated environments, such as land-based military scenarios, where fast and easy mating/unmating are needed.  

8th September 2017
Weight-saving 38999 connectors survive 1500 mating cycles

TE Connectivity (TE)’s DEUTSCH MIL-DTL-38999 series next generation ACT composite connectors which deliver up to 40 percent weight savings over similar aluminum devices are available at Aerco. TE’s DEUTSCH group created one of the original composites in 1990, and its ACT series shells are lightweight, and highly resistant to corrosion, withstanding 2000 hours of salt spray, and very durable, surviving 1,500 mating cycles.

7th August 2017
Limited space is no issue for coaxial cable

A Micro Coaxial Cable so fine and light it can pass through the eye of a needle, making it ideal for a wide range of applications where space is at a premium is in stock at Aerco. Alpha Wire’s Micro Coax is especially suitable for in-the-box medical devices such as medical probes, endoscopy systems and oximetry systems.

Aerospace & Defence
20th July 2017
Weight-saving wire benefits from material innovation

Exceptionally thin and lightweight, Alpha Wire’s new ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire offers outstanding performance for a wide range of demanding applications and environments. It is now available from distributor Aerco. ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire delivers 600V performance across an exceptionally wide temperature range of -150degC to +300degC, and is well suited for applications where premium performance must be matched with space and weight savings.

Aerospace & Defence
14th June 2017
LED indicators include night vision goggles version

The STR502 range of NVIS compatible, 8mm, rear-mount LED indicators from Oxley is now available at distributor Aerco. Designed to meet the growing customer demand for high-specification, rear mounted panel lamps, the LED indicators range is protected to IP68 and has been designed with a configuration option to meet the MIL-STD-3009 NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) standard.

12th June 2017
Sealed plastic connectors offer 30% higher performance

A range of high reliability, multi-pole, sealed rectangular plastic connectors has been released by Smiths Interconnect which comply with the most stringent rail standards. Available now from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets, the REP series is protected to IP66 and IP67. These interconnects deliver high performance and capacity, plus the shock, vibration and smoke and fire p...

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26th May 2017
Aerco and MinebeaMitsumi sign UK distribution deal

  MinebeaMitsumi (NMB) and Aerco has announced a UK distribution agreement covering NMB’s whole product portfolio, including its entire range of fans and blowers, plus the company’s high quality brushless DC motors and stepper motors.

Test & Measurement
11th May 2017
Surface mount terminals enhance PCB line testing

The SMOX Series of surface mount test terminals for PCB assembly line testing from Oxley is now available at Aerco. The SMOX Series has a unique retention mechanism which enhances reliability through low stress contact. Two different versions are available– HT Type SMOX for use with RoHS compliant lead-free solders (high temperature) and Standard Type SMOX for use with tin solders (lower temperature).

3rd May 2017
Connector distributor boosts value-added manufacturing

Aerco has increased investment in its value-added manufacturing capabilities that enhances its range of services and increase the level of commitment to its UK customers. Aerco has been a major supplier of Smiths Interconnect advanced technology connector brands for some years, and has now increased its stock holding of Smiths Hypertac HPD, HPF and HPH ranges of high-reliability PCB connectors to over £½million.

2nd May 2017
Cord sets cover broad swathe of industry sectors

Alpha Connect high-performance products for industrial connectivity from leading manufacturer Alpha Wire have been added to the Aerco cord sets and accessories portfolio. Alpha Connect addresses the rapidly growing industrial automation market and provides an end-to-end solution for connecting sensors and actuators on the factory floor, ensuring reliable and safe communications that increase productivity and reduce downtime.

7th April 2017
Switches suit demanding mil/aero applications

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH TL Series Toggle Switches are now available at Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. The switches are sealed to MIL-DTL-3950 standard and can be specified for indoor or outdoor applications subject to shock, vibration, dust, splashing or hose-directed water. Robust and durable, MICRO SWITCH TL Series switches suit military, aerospace and other demandi...

19th December 2016
Oxley LED lamps in stock at Aerco

Now in stock at Aerco is the OXL/CLH/100 range of LED lamps that will find extensive applications in military and civil aircraft and vehicles. Offering the inherent advantages of LED technology that include: greater reliability, safety and durability, improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures and operating costs, the CLH/100 series has a 10mm mounting, an 80° or 100° viewing angle and is sealed to IP66.

23rd November 2016
RF coaxial connectors cover swathe of applications

A wide range of RF coaxial connectors produced by Telegartner are now in stock at distributor Aerco. Made by the German company since 1945, the range meets the highest standards in terms of specification and reliability and is widely used in the mobile communications, broadcast, industrial, test and measurement, radar and satellite, transportation and renewable energy industries.

7th November 2016
Hook-up wire meets RoHS/WEEE requirements

A wide range of Alpha Wire EcoGen hook-up cable that has a diameter 50% and a weight 58% less than traditional PVC insulated hook-up wire is in stock at Aerco. Approved to UL AWM 11028, the cable contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals and the mPPE thermoplastic insulation meets RoHS and WEEE requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability. 

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