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26th June 2016
Power connectors cover myriad of applications

A comprehensive range of the Hypertac HBB high-performance, circular power connectors are now available at Aerco at competitive prices and low MOQs. Offering a combination of high current capability, versions are available rated up to 750A, with small size and high levels of environmental performance, the HBB range is ideal for electric drives used in fighting vehicles, weapons, avionics, rail transport and automotive and medical equipment.

31st May 2016
Micro Coax cable aids access to limited spaces

The coaxial cable at distributor Aerco has been strengthened with the new Alpha Essentials Micro Coax cable in sizes from 32 AWG to 50 AWG. Aerco now supplies coaxial cable ranging from 10 AWG to 50 AWG. This new Micro Coaxial cable line will be offered in standard constructions and is ideal for customers looking for signal transmission options, especially when designs offer limited space for cable routing.

18th May 2016
Fan flexibility based on wide revs per minute range

Available exclusively in the UK from Aerco, the Delta AFB05 is a range of 12VDC axial equipment fans built in a 50 x 50 x 20mm frame size. Designed for use in a wide range of industry cooling applications, the AFB05 is available with supply voltages of 5, 12 and 24VDC and speeds from 4,000 to 7,000rev/min to provide maximum design flexibility.

28th April 2016
Relay stocks grow to meet increased applications

As the exclusive UK distributor Aerco is increasing its stockholding of the comprehensive range of CECC qualified and MIL SPEC relays from Italian relay manufacturer, Hi-g.  This increased commitment is to cater for expanding application areas that now include all types of instrumentation and control equipment used in the military and aerospace, civil aviation, satellites and industrial process control industries.    

17th April 2016
Waterproof fan stands up to harsh environments

The AQ1212HB from ADDA is a 12VDC waterproof fan stocked by Aerco that is environmentally protected to IP55 and ideally suited to applications where harsh environmental conditions occur.  Protected against direct and indirect spray of water, extended exposure to salt spray, salt fog and fine dust particles the fan meets applications such as food processing and remote telecommunication equipment, portable instrumentation and other equipment u...

1st April 2016
New deal covers range of connector contact layouts

Aerco is increasing its commitment to stocking and supplying the Deutsch D38999 range following an agreement that makes the Horsham-based distributor an official distributor partner for TE Connectivity. Under the terms of the agreement, Aerco will hold D38999 connectors in stock in Horsham and have direct access to TE Connectivity stock.  

16th March 2016
Stainless steel lamps shine in robust conditions

A new range of stainless steel lamps from Oxley developed to meet the growing customer demand for robust, corrosion-resistant solutions in the military, aerospace, industrial and other markets that operate in highly challenging environments are in stock at distributor Aerco. The lamps are made in stainless steel grade 303 as standard and marine-grade 316 if required and the range includes an 8mm panel sealed lamp and an 8mm sealed top and rear ve...

25th February 2016
Toggle switches stand up to harsh environments

Stock levels of the Honeywell TL and TW series of environment-sealed, toggle switches have been increased at distributor Aerco to cater for the growing demand for electronic components required to withstand harsh environments. With the increased use of electronic devices to control heavy outdoor machinery used in the marine, construction, mining and agricultural sectors there is an increasing demand for small electronic components that can withst...

4th February 2016
DC equipment fans offered in wide range of models

The KF and JF ranges of highly cost-effective, DC equipment fans from Jamicon are now in stock at Aerco. Providing exceptional airflow performance and low power consumption, these new fans will find applications in telecommunication, medical and industrial equipment, computer servers and storage devices, thermo electric devices, heat pumps, food-packaging machinery and inverters for solar energy and wind power generators.

11th January 2016
On the right track: Connectors target rail applications

The high-performance range of DT connectors from TE Connectivity are now being shipped by distributor Aerco. Rugged, easy to use and available at a relatively low price, the DT series is ideal for use in the toughest of environments as found in construction equipment, marine equipment and off-road and heavy goods vehicles. 

22nd December 2015
Brushless fans offer speeds from 2000 to 6000 rev/min

The ADDA AD6012 is a 12VDC brushless, axial equipment fan from Aerco that is ideal for medical and office equipment and other applications that require high performance, low-noise cooling.  Available exclusively in the UK from Aerco, the AD6012 is built in a 60x60x25mm frame size and is supplied in a number of versions with speeds ranging from 2,000 to 6,600 rev/min and airflow from 4.69 litre/sec (9.98CFM) to 16.31litre/sec (34.7CFM).

Events News
4th December 2015
Aerco wins SC21 Bronze Award

Aerco was presented with the SC21 Bronze Award at a SC21 Taskforce meeting in Bristol on the 19th November of this year. SC21 is a performance development programme designed to improve and accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence industry by raising the performance of its supply chains. With national and international competitiveness increasing it is crucial that companies of all sizes participating in the UK supply chain ...

26th November 2015
Sealed toggle circuit breakers handle tough conditions

As the specialist UK distributor for the military and aerospace markets of Carling Technologies, Aerco now supplies the Carling MS-Series of sealed toggle circuit breakers.  Designed for operation in the harshest of environments, the MS-Series is ideal for COTS (commercial off the shelf) military applications.

6th November 2015
DC fan delivers high performance in tight spaces

Now in stock at distributor Aerco is the AD 4510, a small, powerful DC equipment fan from ADDA that is ideal for high performance cooling in confined spaces. Already in use in bespoke ‘infotainment’ systems and instrument clusters that incorporate satellite navigation, Bluetooth, FM and DAB radio, in a number of high quality cars, the AD 4510 is built in a 45mm square frame size with a depth of 15mm, is lightweight and low noise.

6th October 2015
Miniature connectors supply D38999 performance

Now in stock at Aerco is the AB Connector range of MABAC miniature D38999 connectors that provide D38999 Series III performance in a smaller, lighter package making them ideal for aviation and medical equipment, industrial applications and wearable equipment for military personnel. 

22nd September 2015
Aerco assumes Mil/Aero role for Carling Technologies

Aerco has been appointed as the specialist UK distributor for the military aerospace market by Carling Technologies. Products on offer from Aerco will include hydraulic, magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches and advanced systems including power distribution centres, electronic controls, and multiplexed power management systems. 

12th September 2015
Military grade optical filters target new applications

As the UK master distributor for the Oxley Group, Aerco is stocking a range of commercial optical filters.  Oxley has long established reputation for manufacturing NVIS (night vision imaging systems) filters for aircraft and other military systems and has now developed military quality filters for applications such as medical and scientific equipment and quality control and test systems.

27th August 2015
Aerco plugs into rail infrastructure market

Aerco has been appointed as a UK stockist for Saffron Walden-based, LPA Connection Systems and now holds a range of high-reliability plugs and sockets designed for use in rail infrastructure and other industrial applications.  LPA connectors are preferred products in many rail projects, including Crossrail with some having gained London Underground’s 1-085 approval.

26th June 2015
Rugged LED indicators handle tough environments

A range of panel-mount LED indicators qualified against DESC controlled drawings 85122 and 87019 developed by Oxley are now available at distributor Aerco.  These high specification lamps are protected to IP68 and 100% screened against Table I and II of DESC drawings including: burn-in, seal, temperature cycling and luminous intensity testing.  

21st June 2015
Connectors upgraded to eliminate cabling problems

Now available from Aerco is a new version of the popular range of M12 connectors from Provertha that provides fully shielded 90° M12 cable connectors with eight cable outlet options. One of the eight positions is selected by turning in 45° steps and then simply secured with a screw lock. 

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