New Hall-effect joystick available from Aerco

31st July 2006
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Now available in the UK from Aerco is the range of Model 501C Hall-effect Joysticks from US company Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems (Ultra MSI). Ultra MSI’s unique adaptation of Hall-effect technology for multi-axis joystick sensing was first patented and introduced by Ultra MSI in 1998 (U.S. Patent No. 5850142) and offers many benefits over traditional potentiometer and inductive joystick designs.
The Model 501C range provides two-axis, non-contacting, precision displacement, fingertip control with high performance and reliability at low cost. With an overall height of 7.19cm above panel, a diameter of 7.36cm and weighing only 170g the simple design provides effective control in a small package with low power dissipation, excellent temperature stability and a lifetime of 20 million cycles. Most importantly there is no degradation of performance throughout the operational life of these products.

These joysticks will find application in robotics, construction equipment, hydraulic controls, medical and surgery equipment, security and video cameras and scientific instruments.

Aerco was appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for Ultra MSI in January 2006.

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