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28th May 2020
Accutronics introduces smart batteries with 21700 cells

Professional battery manufacturer Accutronics has announced that it is bringing a new range of smart batteries to the European market for use in medical, industrial and other professional electronic devices. 

24th April 2020
The portable power helping robotic superstars

When the word ‘robot’ is mentioned, most people conjure up images of bulky, flashing, tinfoil-covered machines from old sci-fi, like Lost in Space or Dr Who. Back then, little more than a man in a suit, metallic spray-paint and a ring-modulated audio track was enough to create a robotic superstar, but today’s world is filled with genuine robotic celebrities. Here, Robert Brown, Marketing Executive of Accutronics, has investigate...

17th February 2020
Latest batteries for next-generation devices

Accutronics has announced that it will be showcasing the latest high-performance batteries for next-generation devices and unveiling a new range for the European market at this year’s Battery Tech Expo. Taking place at the Silverstone Circuit in Towcester on March 26th, 2020, the free to attend event will highlight the latest developments in battery technology.

3rd December 2019
Battery requirements for next gen mobile robots

  Mobile robots, in the form of AGVs, have been on the market for nearly two decades. But a topical innovation in the sector is creating power requirements that the battery market must respond to. Michele Windsor, Marketing Manager of Accutronics, explains in this article.

11th October 2019
Smart batteries help make computer carts compact

Valued at more than $425bn last year, the global market for medical devices is expected to exceed $612bn by 2025 according to Fortune Business Insights, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4%. As hospital wards become more crowded, computer carts that aid staff movement will struggle to manoeuvre around the wealth of equipment needed in the digital age. 

14th March 2019
The future of battery tech

The global battery manufacturer Accutronics will be showcasing its range of reliable battery products for medical, home automation and security electronics at this year’s Battery Tech Expo. The company will demonstrate how its batteries meet the constantly changing demands for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and design engineers.

18th February 2019
Growing need for advanced battery technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has wowed gadget fans and tech heads for the last half a century, and each year the event demonstrates the rapid progression of consumer electronics and technology. Here, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Accutronics, has explored some of the highlights from CES 2019 and how they underline the growing importance of battery technology.

23rd January 2019
Welcome to the portable age

Recent advancements in medicine are producing startling results, from innovations in 3D bio-printing to breakthroughs in transplant surgery. Here, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager of Accutronics, explores the origins of the CMX Series and how it fulfils the needs of the rapidly advancing portable age.

1st November 2018
The transformation of medical imaging and diagnosis

Digital technology has had a huge impact on modern life, revolutionising how we perform simple tasks like taking a photo or watching TV, but perhaps the most significant impact has been its transformation of medical care.

28th September 2018
Recent healthcare hacks present opportunity for OEMs

If you had to name a safe pair of hands, healthcare and medical practitioners would probably rank at the top. However, the medical technology (MedTech) they use is in a vulnerable state. Recent years have proven this extensively, with an unprecedented number of cyberattacks targeting critical medical equipment in hospitals.

31st July 2018
Battery range upgraded and certified

Accutronics has launched a range of Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) smart batteries from its partner Inspired Energy. The new ‘QE’ suffix batteries couple the latest high energy rechargeable lithium ion technology, battery management electronics and regulatory safety certification allowing them to be easily designed into a wide range of professional portable electronic applications across multiple markets including medical, test & measuremen...

21st June 2018
Optimising battery design for performance

Accutronics has released an infographic to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) optimise their device designs to maximise battery performance. Design engineers in the medical, defence and electronics sectors often consider the battery too late in the design process, resulting in weak battery performance. By consulting the free guide, available here, companies can avoid the common mistakes in product design.

24th May 2018
The role of the modern battery in new applications

Consumer demand is driving innovation in battery technology in areas such as home automation, medical devices, military and robotics. As a result, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to ensure they are using the right battery for their application. That is the assertion from battery manufacturer, Accutronics in a new whitepaper released, which asks the question: what is a battery?

10th May 2018
Aiding OEMs decide on home healthcare device power supplies

An infographic to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) make decisions on power requirements for medical devices in the home has been released by professional battery manufacturer, Accutronics. The infographic, available to download below, displays the thought processes that OEMs should go through when designing applications requiring batteries, specifically for choosing between primary and seco...

5th April 2018
Enabling European wearable medtech

  With Europe’s wearable medical device market expected to more than double its 2015 value by 2020, it is critical that medical OEMs are launching products that are safe, reliable and effective. Here, Michele Windsor, global marketing manager of medical battery manufacturer Accutronics, explains the role batteries play in this.

22nd March 2018
Bringing military medical devices into the 21st century

In the 15th century, soldiers injured in battle were left on the battlefield for two to three days until their condition either stabilised or they died. Since the efforts of surgeon Ambroise Paré in the same century, one of the forerunners in improving medical treatment for injured soldiers, the care that soldiers receive today is much safer and well organised. Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager of Accutronics explains how ...

12th March 2018
Exploring the modern MedTech landscape

Medical battery manufacturer Accutronics has released a whitepaper exploring the changing nature of medical technology (MedTech) across Europe. The whitepaper explains the importance of effective design engineering in medical devices and equipment, particularly in light of the rise of medical wearables and regulatory changes. Accutronics has worked with OEMs in the medical sector in Europe and worldwide for many years.

5th March 2018
Tackling the extreme battery design challenge

With more devices being designed for use in challenging environments, one of the numerous benefits of technology is that it allows businesses to optimise operations in extreme conditions. However, this presents a challenge for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tasked with designing these products. In this article Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Accutronics, looks at how design engineers can tackle the extreme challenge.

25th January 2018
The top three trends powering the battery industry

In a similar way to how diamonds are formed, battery technology is developing under increased pressure from end users and manufacturers, while remaining one of the most valuable components in electronic devices. In this article, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Accutronics, explores how this pressure is shaping the future of battery design. Three top trends are shaping the way that batteries are being developed. 

11th January 2018
Small innovations with higher power

Exhibiting at stand D8 at the Battery Tech Expo on March 15th, 2018 at the International Centre, Telford is medical battery manufacturer Accutronics. The company there will be exhibiting a selection of smart batteries suitable for wearable devices and medical carts from its parent company, Ultralife Corporation.

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