Battery range upgraded and certified

31st July 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Accutronics has launched a range of Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) smart batteries from its partner Inspired Energy. The new ‘QE’ suffix batteries couple the latest high energy rechargeable lithium ion technology, battery management electronics and regulatory safety certification allowing them to be easily designed into a wide range of professional portable electronic applications across multiple markets including medical, test & measurement and security.

These batteries, the latest in the ‘QE’ range, see eight existing N-series battery models ranging from 7.2V to 14.4V upgraded to use the latest 3.4Ah ‘18650’ cells whilst also being certified to IEC 62133:2012 and UL/CSA 62133 standards. Such standards are required by the end device standards which govern most portable electronic devices, including those in the medical and test & measurement space.

As with all standard batteries from Inspired Energy, the ‘QE’ range meet the requirements of the UN 38.3 ‘T1-T8 transportation tests and all have an energy rating of <100Wh making their transportation easier and less expensive whether by air, sea, road or rail.

All Inspired Energy smart batteries include internal battery management system (BMS) electronics which ensure the battery is safeguarded against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and short-circuit abuse.

The range also features a System Management Bus (SMBus) communication interface so the user can read pertinent battery data such as runtime, full charge capacity and the relative state of charge from the host device.

“The new ‘QE’ suffix batteries come with Inspired Energy livery as standard, but this can be modified to meet the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers” explained Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing manager at Accutronics.

“We work with customers to create custom versions of the battery which can include labelling, certification packaging and even changes to the battery’s internal programming. Customers then procure a battery unique to them, without the costs and time involved with a custom battery solution.

“With the global portable electronics market forecasted to reach $779bn by 2023, portable electronic device manufacturers must weigh up their available options and employ the best power source for their requirements. Standard batteries such as the Inspired Energy range from Accutronics allow OEMs to concentrate on their core capabilities, leaving the battery in the hands of the experts.”

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