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17th February 2020
Alex Lynn

Accutronics has announced that it will be showcasing the latest high-performance batteries for next-generation devices and unveiling a new range for the European market at this year’s Battery Tech Expo. Taking place at the Silverstone Circuit in Towcester on March 26th, 2020, the free to attend event will highlight the latest developments in battery technology.

From stand 11, Accutronics will guide visitors through the latest smart batteries for mission critical devices including medical, instrumentation, security and automation. The stand will feature a variety of products from Accutronics, its parent company Ultralife Corporation and its US partner Inspired Energy, the latter of whom Accutronics is the sole distributor for.

Battery Tech Expo will be the first UK appearance of the latest range of lithium-ion batteries from Inspired Energy that use 21700 size cells. These cells are slightly larger than those in most of Inspired Energy’s previous batteries, measuring 21x70mm. This increase allows each battery to contain approximately 47% higher capacity, resulting in a longer device runtime.

“Whether you’re powering a medical computer cart or a handheld radio, there are a lot of similarities in what end users require and what design engineers want to provide,” explained Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager at Accutronics. “Generally, these expectations are around reliability and runtime.

“The ever-growing industry demand for longer electronic device runtimes prompted the development of Inspired Energy batteries that use 21700 size cells. We are looking forward to showing these compact products for the first time, especially as they include the company’s first 18V battery. Many power tools and other portable electronic equipment use 18V as it offers an excellent power to weight ratio, particularly important for handheld devices.

“At the Battery Tech Expo, we want to show design and electronic engineers the benefits that these new batteries can offer their products. This extends beyond the standard, off-the-shelf ranges, we’re able to support engineers by customising batteries, including those from Inspired Energy, to include specific industry regulatory certification or encryption that enhances device security.”

The stand will prominently feature Ultralife’s U1 battery, a lithium iron phosphate-based replacement for sealed lead acid batteries in medical carts, uninterruptible power supplies and robotic systems. Accutronics will also demonstrate the CR123A cells recently launched by Ultralife Corporation.

The CR123A range is ideally suited for wireless electronic systems, such as home security sensors or home automation equipment.

Engineers interested in attending the event at Silverstone can register for a free ticket here.

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