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22nd March 2018
Bringing military medical devices into the 21st century

In the 15th century, soldiers injured in battle were left on the battlefield for two to three days until their condition either stabilised or they died. Since the efforts of surgeon Ambroise Paré in the same century, one of the forerunners in improving medical treatment for injured soldiers, the care that soldiers receive today is much safer and well organised. Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager of Accutronics explains how ...

12th March 2018
Exploring the modern MedTech landscape

Medical battery manufacturer Accutronics has released a whitepaper exploring the changing nature of medical technology (MedTech) across Europe. The whitepaper explains the importance of effective design engineering in medical devices and equipment, particularly in light of the rise of medical wearables and regulatory changes. Accutronics has worked with OEMs in the medical sector in Europe and worldwide for many years.

5th March 2018
Tackling the extreme battery design challenge

With more devices being designed for use in challenging environments, one of the numerous benefits of technology is that it allows businesses to optimise operations in extreme conditions. However, this presents a challenge for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tasked with designing these products. In this article Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Accutronics, looks at how design engineers can tackle the extreme challenge.

25th January 2018
The top three trends powering the battery industry

In a similar way to how diamonds are formed, battery technology is developing under increased pressure from end users and manufacturers, while remaining one of the most valuable components in electronic devices. In this article, Michele Windsor, Global Marketing Manager at Accutronics, explores how this pressure is shaping the future of battery design. Three top trends are shaping the way that batteries are being developed. 

11th January 2018
Small innovations with higher power

Exhibiting at stand D8 at the Battery Tech Expo on March 15th, 2018 at the International Centre, Telford is medical battery manufacturer Accutronics. The company there will be exhibiting a selection of smart batteries suitable for wearable devices and medical carts from its parent company, Ultralife Corporation.

1st November 2017
Future proofing energy solutions for medical devices

  We are all very aware of how portable consumer electronic devices have transformed our daily lives. It may be a cliché, but none of these portable devices would exist if it were not for the batteries that power them. Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager at Accutronics, explains how designers can future-proof medical devices and their energy supply.

14th September 2017
Addressing the medical wearable phenomenon

  Accutronics will be exhibiting a range of products from Ultralife Corporation at this year’s Compamed trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 13-16. This will include Ultralife’s Thin Cell battery range for wearable medical devices and smart batteries for medical carts. Accutronics will be exhibiting from stand G01, in hall 8b.

29th June 2017
Worldwide battery market expected to be worth $100bn by 2025

By 2025 the worldwide battery market is expected to reach a value of $100bn. This fast growing market can be difficult to get your head around, so to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) better understand, professional battery manufacturer Accutronics has released a whitepaper explaining the features of the worldwide, UK, French and German battery market. The whitepaper looks at the growth, composition and future of the worldwid...

5th June 2017
Fighting the fakes

Neil Oliver of Accutronics explores the world of counterfeits and looks at algorithmic security as a new method used to erradicate the fakes.

5th June 2017
Healthcare hacks offer opportunities to OEMs

When we get ill we have no hesitation in putting our health, and potentially our lives, in the hands of trained healthcare professionals – and rightly so. However, the truth is that the medical technology (MedTech) they use is in a vulnerable state.

18th May 2017
Extra power for battery manufacturer

UK-based professional battery manufacturer Accutronics, last year was acquired by global battery and communications systems specialist Ultralife Corporation for £7.5m. Michele Windsor, global marketing manager of Accutronics, discusses how the acquisition has benefited the company and its customers across Europe.

Events News
13th April 2017
Pre-engineered smart medical batteries on display at Med-Tech

At this year’s Med-Tech Innovation Expo at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, from 26th-27th April 2017, professional medical battery manufacturer Accutronics will be sharing insight into smart batteries for healthcare applications. The company will be exhibiting its Entellion range of pre-engineered smart medical batteries, as well as a selection of batteries for medical carts and wearable devices from its parent company Ultralife, from ...

11th April 2017
The development of the credit card sized battery

If someone described an object as being as small as a sugar cube, you would instinctively understand the comparison. However, if a design engineer described it as being the size of a 1ICP-06/34/50-2 Lithium-Ion smart battery, most people would be puzzled. It is for this reason that Accutronics dubbed its compact smart battery the ‘credit card battery’. Here, Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager at Accutronics discusses the creativ...

22nd November 2016
Smart battery guide will reduce costly design errors

An infographic has been published by Accutronics, offering guidelines for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) on what should be considered when specifying a rechargeable smart battery to power their next product. The infographic highlights the importance of considering batteries at the earliest possible stage in the development process. 

4th November 2016
Are we on the verge of a worldwide battery crisis?

The worldwide battery market is currently undergoing something of a renaissance thanks to the growing demand for long-life, high power batteries across consumer electronics, industrial, military and the hybrid electric vehicles sectors. Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager, Accutronics, discusses the future of the battery market. 

26th October 2016
Battling the European market

EU member states spent a total of €203 billion on defence in 2015. It’s a huge number that seems incomprehensible, but it shows the size and importance of the European defence market. EU countries have 89 different weapons programmes, many more than the US, as each individual country has different budgets, priorities and regulations. Here, Neil Oliver, technical marketing manager of professional battery manufacturer, Accutronics, looks...

Events News
12th October 2016
Battery manufacturer exhibiting at electronica 2016

Professional battery manufacturer Accutronics will exhibit its range of high performance smart batteries for portable and handheld devices at electronica in Munich, Germany, from 8th to 11th November 2016. Accutronics will be exhibiting alongside its parent company Ultralife Corporation, battery and energy and communications specialist who acquired Accutronics earlier this year. 

3rd October 2016
Liberté, égalité, batterie: France’s revolutionary role in battery technologies

“A new industrial revolution”. If I told you that’s how French President François Hollande recently described a form of technology, what would you think he was talking about — Robots, planes or perhaps driverless cars? In fact, Monsieur Hollande was referring to a new lithium battery plant. By Michele Windsor, direct sales and marketing manager, Accutronics

23rd August 2016
UK battery sector investigated and explained

Although many people believe that Thomas Edison is responsible for the first light bulb, it was in fact British chemist Joseph Swan who invented the light bulb. It was Swan who first developed the incandescent bulb and lit his house with electricity. This is one of many great contributions that the UK has made to the field of science and technology, with the industry showing little signs of slowing down.

Events News
10th August 2016
Accutronics to exhibit medical batteries at Compamed

Accutronics has announced that it will be exhibiting its extensive range of medical batteries and chargers at Compamed 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, 14th to 17th November. The company will also be showcasing a range of products from Ultralife Corporation, a battery systems and communications specialist that acquired Accutronics earlier in 2016. Accutronics will be exhibiting from stand H18 in hall 8b.

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