Smart t-shirt helps manage stress and predict burnout in soldiers

15th November 2023
Paige West

AccYouRate has recently partnered with the Italian Armed Forces to explore the impact of incorporating smart textile technology in military gear.

This collaboration marks a new direction in wearable technology for soldiers, focusing on monitoring their vital signs, psychological states, and their effectiveness in field conditions.

The results, based on recent field trials, were shared at the first 'Psychology and Psychiatric Conference of the Italian Defence' on 25th October. This event was organised by the General Staff of the Italian Army in conjunction with the Faculty of Psychology at Sapienza University of Rome.

AccYouRate's wearable technology allows military leaders to perform functional testing during simulated and actual military operations. The technology's compatibility with advanced defence systems provides vital data for military decision-making.

In 2022, AccYouRate undertook Europe's largest study in operational personnel using wearable technologies, involving around 5,000 Italian Red Cross operators. Over four months, these individuals were profiled, recorded, and monitored for fatigue, stress, and behavioural responses in high-functioning environments. This study built upon a 2021 study, drawing parallels between the high-risk, stress-intensive environments of military and emergency personnel.

Amir Toren, Executive Director of AccYouRate, stated: "After three years of practical experimentation aimed at meeting diverse protection requirements, specific needs, and context-based applications of wearable technologies in comparison to the current clothing materials used by military personnel, our collaboration with the Italian army has now progressed to a phase of functional testing and operational trials. This initiative will pave the way for globally unique algorithms that integrate biometric vital signs with behavioural indicators for psychological analysis. The emphasis is on real-time analysis and forecasting the operational abilities of military personnel, considering the specific features and limitations of their environments and theatres of operation."

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