Collaboration on wearables for children with Rett syndrome

15th May 2023
Sheryl Miles

AccYouRate, a European digital health company that develops wearable technology, is partnering with the University Hospital of Siena in Italy to assist children with Rett syndrome.

The two organisations are using AccYouRate's e-shirt, a 100% textile smart T-shirt that records and monitors bio-vital body signals in real-time during everyday activities and normal living conditions.

Rett syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the way the brain develops, causing a progressive inability to use muscles for eye and body movements and even leading to seizures and breathing difficulties.

AccYouRate is releasing the interim results of its latest study focusing on paediatric disability. The study, which was coordinated by the University Hospital of Siena Hospital, and led by Dr. Claudio De Felice, explored the use of AccYouRate's wearable devices and Red Cross caring services for the monitoring of children with Rett syndrome.

The results demonstrated that wearable technology can provide reliable and easily interpretable data to help determine the effects of therapies and care at home, which can then inform appropriate remedies. Monitoring during home-care periods is often influenced and can lead to inaccurate reporting, but wearable technology can help overcome these issues and provide more accurate data.

The Rett study showed that accurate diagnosis is crucial in preventing disease progression by improving the treatment and making it more precise. For children with disabilities, wearable technology is very important since their bodily perception is often their only way to communicate with the world around them, and it allows them to interact without needing invasive tools. The girls and their families involved in the study accepted the use of AccYouRate devices, enabling the acquisition of over 91% reliable, clean data from girls with significant postural and mobility problems.

The interim results demonstrated that the most stressful moments to capture data were in the girls' daily routines at home, rather than the expected stressful environments like school, gym, and rehabilitation activities. Additionally, the study showed that the effects of the disease are pervasive even during sleep, making it possible to compare the effectiveness of therapies during this time.

"We are excited to share the results of our latest study, which reveal the promise of wearable technology for children with disabilities," said Mr. Arnaldo Usai, Founder and CEO at AccYouRate. "Not only does it provide reliable data, but also a voice to children with disabilities. The study is a significant step forward for the paediatric sector, and we look forward to continuing our work in this critical area of therapy. AccYouRate is committed to improving the quality of life for children with disabilities, and their families, through its wearable technologies."

“Pediatrics and disability are among the most complex areas of therapies in medical science,” said Dr. Pasquale Giacomo Morano, Vice Secretary General of the Italian Red Cross. “We want to expand the Red Cross's role and mission to improve the quality and efficiency of social healthcare services. Emotional and relational factors can affect the relationships between physicians, caregivers, and young patients, so we believe it's important to prioritise this aspect of healthcare."

AccYouRate Group S.p.A was established in 2019 and headed by Mr. Arnaldo Usai. In February 2023, Sweden-based Crown Energy entered into an agreement for the acquisition of 85% of the shares in SmarTee, the parent holding company of AccYouRate Group S.p.A. The shares were acquired from the owner, Mr. Claudio Fabri, who has been financing the company. The company today employs 20 people and operates from headquarters and production facilities in L’Aquila and Bologna.

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