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9th May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Working in collaboration with Porsche and MHP, a management and IT consultancy, is elevating industrial and production sector training to new heights. 

A showcase event at the Zuffenhausen plant has implemented a segment of the production process as highly realistic 3D training in Apple Vision Pro.

CAD data of a robot and a rotary table for welding are recreated in Apple Vision Pro in the "Shopfloor Training" showcase. With the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, employees now have access to an innovative training application that not only saves time but also delivers highly effective training through its authentic representation of the production facility.

Training and simulation in the virtual realm

Ensuring that procedures and exercises are interactive and as realistic as possible is paramount for the success of all training programmes, whether for preparing shopfloor employees to maintain machines and systems or instructing them in complex production tasks. Digitalisation and spatial computing play a pivotal role in ensuring successful and cost-efficient training.

Consider machine and system maintenance, for instance. Halting an entire production plant for training purposes is costly and could lead to system-wide delays. Training, however, with Apple Vision Pro can be conducted anywhere. In the bespoke showcase event devised by MHP, shop floor employees can immediately see the entire task they need to carry out, with detailed repair instructions superimposed using a 3D model. This minimises errors and boosts employee satisfaction.

Individualised timekeeping, assessment, and certification of training are also possible, including evaluating the sequence of steps and components, as well as maintaining the correct distance from the robot. Follow-up training courses for quality assurance in production are also viable.

Increased efficiency and better, more targeted training

“Apple Vision Pro enables us to develop solutions for our customers that can be displayed in an extremely realistic digital environment. This leads to a considerable increase in efficiency and cost savings," explained Markus Wambach, COO and Member of the Management Board at MHP. "The detailed and realistic training courses and sessions that we can develop for our customers will increasingly cut out costly errors. This is because the up-to-date information that employees need for their work is displayed right in front of them as they carry out the task. This not only helps us to become much more efficient in our work, but to create a better working environment, too."

The long-term goal is to use Apple Vision Pro for educating and training employees for production. This solution also has the potential to revolutionise other areas, such as after-sales in the automotive industry.

"Employees not only learn safety, such as maintaining a proper distance when working with certain robots, but also receive visual instructions on safe walkways. In addition, the application can be enhanced with playful elements, or gamification, to appeal to younger employees," added Jörg Dietrich, Sales Director at MHP. "The integration of Apple Vision Pro into our existing infrastructure has gone smoothly, thanks to our seamless connection to Apple's ecosystem. The intuitive user interface, razor-sharp displays and intuitive user experience make Apple Vision Pro the ideal platform for our training needs."

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