Lumus and AddOptics to directly bond waveguides with prescription lenses

18th June 2024
Paige West

Lumus has announced a strategic partnership with AddOptics, a provider of advanced prescription lens solutions, to enhance immersive AR glasses experiences globally.

Traditional AR displays often fail to accurately simulate depth perception, making virtual content seem disconnected from the real world. To address this issue, AddOptics has developed an optical lens approach that uses a unique push-pull method based on the additive property of thin lens diopters. By combining a positive diopter lens (+0.50 D) with an equal but opposite negative diopter lens (-0.50 D), it has created a lens system with no net optical power (0.00 D). This system brings the virtual image to an optimal viewing distance of a few meters while maintaining the wearer’s clear view of the physical world.

AddOptics' expertise in creating thin, lightweight, and ultra-flat lenses, which are essential for precise waveguide bonding, and its innovative lens designs with sharp edges that enhance light engine integration, make them an ideal partner for this collaboration.

This partnership will see Lumus’ Z-Lens 2D reflective waveguide architecture seamlessly integrated into AddOptics' prescription lenses. This integration will enable users to enjoy immersive AR experiences without compromising visual acuity or precision. Whether for work, gaming, or other applications, the combined solution will allow users to see virtual content as clearly as real-world objects.

"At Lumus, we are committed to making all-purpose AR eyewear a reality," said Eli Glikman, Chief Product Officer at Lumus. "Our collaboration with AddOptics demonstrates the unique value of reflective or geometric waveguides by adding corrective lenses directly to our waveguides. AddOptics shares our mission of improving the overall experience to users, and our partnership represents a significant step forward in readying AR glasses for the masses. Together, we’re overcoming roadblocks that have dampened user experiences to deliver a new level of comfort and performance in a form factor practically indistinguishable from traditional eyewear."

Introduced last year, Z-Lens has a lightweight optical engine, along with quality resolution, colour uniformity, and brightness, delivering top image quality. This design meets consumer demands for natural-looking, unobtrusive AR glasses.

Lumus’ reflective waveguide technology allows for the direct bonding of prescription lenses. This capability enables AddOptics to attach its prescription lenses directly to Lumus’ waveguide without the need for bulky, heavy inserts. The result is an optical solution that seamlessly integrates virtual content with the real world.

Additionally, while the baseline solution has no net optical power, AddOptics can further customise the lens based on the wearer’s prescription levels, allowing users to experience true-to-life near-to-eye visuals in the same sleek form factor.

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