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18th February 2019
Accessibility at Apple: innovating for all

At the recent BETT education show in London, a lot of different methods and systems to education were explored but a key theme that covered them all was technology - but as I listened to all the talks and visited the booths I asked myself how important is technology to education? And the answer was yes very, but to others it holds greater importance, to the point where it’s considered a necessity. 

8th June 2018
Solution brings health records to iPhone

Apple has introduced an update to the Health app with the iOS 11.3 beta, debuting a feature for customers to see their medical records right on their iPhone. The updated Health Records section within the Health app brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Health app to make it easy for consumers to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose.

13th September 2017
RIP home button: Apple launches iPhone X

Yesterday Apple revealed three new iPhone models: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. iPhone X is a premium priced smartphone which for the first time will carry a £1,000+ price tag. The iPhone X’s features include a 5.8” Super Retina OLED display, A11 Bionic chip, wireless charging and an improved rear camera with dual optical image stabilisation. In addition, the way you access your smartphone will change.

8th September 2016
Apple iPhone 7- to jack or not to jack?

Yesterday, (07/09/16) was the day that everyone was waiting for, and after the big reveal from Apple there was some good news, and some bad news. Firstly addressing the elephant in the room, the earphone jack that has been with mobile phones for decades has been removed and it is safe to say there is mixed emotions about this.

21st June 2016
The new payphone

Consumers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to cashless payments; from contactless cards to mobile payments, the necessity for paper and coins is declining. With banks and phone companies promoting new technologies, it can be confusing to figure out which payment system is best.

22nd March 2016
'Liam' the robot recycles old iPhones

Introduced onstage in a peppy video, "Liam" the robot — more specifically a robotic arm — was specifically developed by Apple engineers to pick apart iPhone and other gadgets, tearing the devices down into discreet modules. These parts, like an iPhone screen or logic board, can then be broken down further to recover materials for reintroduction into the global supply. 

14th January 2016
USB and charging ports will be history by 2020

Here's a prediction: Apple will phase out sockets in its laptops by 2020. No holes, no plugs, no connections. Sockets are terrible. They're ugly, ruining the lines of even the slickest device; they're expensive, adding component and manufacturing costs; they're restrictive, as a device can't be thinner than the socket. They're also prone to failure. By Ben Hammersley, Wired. 

12th January 2016
What's new about the iOS 9.3

Apple has just released the first beta of iOS 9.3 to its public beta testers and developers. The company regularly releases beta versions of its operating systems, but this update is unique because Apple has put together several pages extensively detailing its new features, something we normally don't get until we see the release notes posted with the final version of the update. Collectively, this list of new features will make 9.3 the biggest r...

8th January 2016
Apple buys AI startup Emotient

Apple has bought a San Diego startup working on artificial intelligence technology that analyses facial expressions to detect emotions. It's not immediately clear why Apple bought Emotient, which mostly sold its software to advertisers, but the company has made some other recent acquisitions that are likely complementary. Improving image recognition is a hot topic in Silicon Valley, where Apple rivals Facebook, Alphabet’s Google and ot...

8th September 2015
Open Source has No Limits

The appeal of open source software, combined with the convergence of embedded devices and high-speed computing, means the sky may very well not be the limit anymore. By Nicolette Emmino and Bryan DeLuca.

23rd February 2015
Apple invests in pioneering $850m solar energy deal

In February 2014, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, responded to a climate-change heckler at the company's annual shareholder meeting with a rebuttal in which he told investors who care only about profits to “get out of the stock.” Now Cook is putting his prodigious sums of money where his mouth is, proclaiming the “biggest, boldest, most ambitious project ever,” an $850m deal to buy power from First Solar, the biggest U.S. devel...

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