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Thermal imager boasts embedded image signal processing

2nd September 2021
Mick Elliott

The ATI320 is a first advanced thermal imager with embedded image signal processing from Lynred.

The product’s embedded features, with a lens available as an option, aim at saving camera makers time and effort in integrating thermal imaging during the development and manufacturing process, enabling them to speed products to market.   Designed as a ready-to-use product, ATI320 simplifies the calibration process during camera assembly, relieving manufacturers from performing complex steps.

A key motivation underpinning the product’s advanced design is in eliminating tricky integration steps, in order to extend access to infrared technology for newer thermal image market entrants.   “ATI320 marks a milestone in Lynred’s strategic development towards bringing more ambitious and innovative value-added propositions to key markets,” said Jean-Yves Dussaud, chief marketing officer at Lynred. ”This Advanced Thermal Imager is the culmination of our teams’ latest know-how and dexterity in developing image processing solutions, electronics and software for our microbolometer technology, in which we have a 20-year legacy.”   The thermal imager is particularly suitable for camera makers in industrial, consumer equipment and safety across a broad range of activities, for example in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for aerial thermal inspection, as its thermal imaging solutions are compact, lightweight and low power consumption. It provides the calibration, the associated image processing algorithms and a lens, when required. Lynred says that the ATI320 (16x16mm) is the most compact QVGA (320x240 pixels) resolution thermal imager available and comes with ruggedised housing.

It is available in two models: ATI320L (with lens) and ATI320S (without lens).

It operates as a shutterless product - providing continuous image viewing - an important function for the leisure, firefighting and security-surveillance market applications.     According to Lynred the ATI320 offers more flexibility in camera designs, since manufacturers can choose and optimise where to place ATI320 within the camera.

Operating temperature range is -40°C; +85°C.

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