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Temp Loggers log data to CompactFlash cards

8th March 2006
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Measurement Computing Corporation has announced two new temperature loggers. The USB-5201 logs data from J, K, R, S, T, N, E, & B type thermocouples whereas the USB-5203 logs data from the same thermocouple types, as well as RTDs, thermistors, and semiconductor temperature sensors.
Both units log data to industry standard CompactFlash® (CF) cards. These new modules are ideal for remote or stand-alone applications requiring temperature measurement where the use of a dedicated PC or laptop is not feasible. Both of the devices provide user configurable temperature alarms for control of eight digital output lines.

A 64-MB CF card (included with each device) can store approximately 2,350,000 time-stamped temperature values from a single channel. CompactFlash cards up to 2 GB are supported. Data can be retrieved either by connecting the device to a computer via a standard USB cable, or by placing the removable CF card into any standard CF card reader. The devices are bundled with TracerDAQ™, an industry-leading software package that provides easy data management and analysis. TracerDAQ converts and saves temperature and alarm data to standard, comma-delimited .CSV files. TracerDAQ also plots and analyzes real-time data or historical temperature files.

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