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Tektronix Expands TriMode Probe Series

19th January 2009
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Tektronix has announced new offerings of its active differential probes that complement the full portfolio of new DPO/DSA70000B Series real-time oscilloscopes also announced today. The expanded P7500 probing family now offers performance probes for 4, 6 and 8 GHz in addition to the previously available industry setting benchmark ultra-performance probes at 13, 16 and 20 GHz – all providing superior signal fidelity with fast rise time, low circuit loading and unique patented TriModeTM measurement switching.
With the new additions to the P7500 TriMode family, probing capability is available across the complete portfolio of Tektronix DPO/DSA70000B performance and ultra-performance oscilloscopes providing electrical engineers with the most advanced scope and probe combination for challenging serial data signals.

Customers moving from a signal environment with moderate consideration for RF effects to one that is dominated by them now need to connect to and acquire multiple, fast, complex, signals simultaneously. To do this, they need fast, accurate and easy-to-use test instruments, beginning with the probe that provides the connection to the device under test (DUT). TriMode probing addresses an unmet need in the market by enabling engineers to switch between differential, single-ended and common mode measurements without moving the probe connections.

“To meet the needs that engineers face everyday, we’re delivering the unique patented TriMode probing capability to complement our complete portfolio of 4 to 20 GHz oscilloscopes,” said Brian Reich, vice president, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “With breakthrough capabilities, excellent signal fidelity and unique connectivity that enable easy access to test signals, the expanded P7500 family of probes set the standard for performance, efficiency and ease-of-use. When used with Tektronix’ real-time oscilloscopes, customers will have the highest performing, most efficient measurement system enabling engineers to do more in less time.”

Each new Tektronix P7500 series probe (P7504, P7506, P7508) along with the currently available probes in the family (P7513, P7516, P7520) provide TriMode measurements enabling greater efficiency and ease-of-use. TriMode probing enables engineers to switch between differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements without moving the probe connections. This allows the engineer to work more efficiently by enabling them to probe three points simultaneously and make three different kinds of measurements with one probe and one setup rather than the multiple probes and multiple setups that were previously necessary.

With less chip real estate available for connecting probes, engineers often have difficulty attaching a probe to the DUT, e.g., DDR3 memory chip probing. The P7500 Series probe body is streamlined so that several probes are able to fit into confined spaces. Interchangeable probe tip modules provide miniature solder-in tips, interchangeable extension cables assist with reaching difficult to probe areas, and a needle-nose handheld style probe module can be used for both fixtured and handheld applications.

For extreme applications where extended length probing or probing inside an environmental chamber or oven is required, a 1.5M (5 ft.) long high-temperature cable and TriMode tip accessory is available.

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