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Fluke offers all-in-one tool for EV charging stations

30th April 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Fluke has unveiled its latest innovation, the FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyser. This device revolutionises the testing and troubleshooting process

Fluke has unveiled its latest innovation, the FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyser. This device revolutionises the testing and troubleshooting process for Level 2 and Level 1 AC electric vehicle charging stations (EVCSs), allowing technicians to conduct multiple tests seamlessly without the need for multiple tools.

The fully-integrated FEV350 simplifies the testing of charging stations by consolidating all electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) functional tests into one device. Traditionally, operators would have to use multiple interconnected tools, such as a multi-function tester coupled with an adapter for displaying and recording measurements. One of the most important features of the new analyser is a built-in colour LCD display to simplify the process of analysing EV charging performance.

Portable and user-friendly, the FEV350 boasts an intuitive interface and Bluetooth communication, offering pre-defined test plans and checklists to guide users through the required processes. Clear pass/fail indications are provided for easy interpretation.

The FEV350 is an all-in-one solution for functionality testing of charging stations with Type 2 (commercial/outdoor) or Type 1 (mainly residential) connectors, catering specifically to operators of commercial and outdoor AC charging systems, fleet accounts, contractors, installers, inspectors, and regulators. It also performs 30mA RCD and 6mA RDC-DD trip tests to detect leak current faults safely and efficiently, with the ability to conduct protective earth (PE) pre-tests.

An Auto Control Pilot feature simulates various vehicle types and offers instant on-screen feedback, while enabling users to create and save projects, add EVCSs, and configure individual stations for pass/fail results. Meeting the IEC/EN61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-72 standards, the FEV350 ensures compliance with all relevant measurement, regulatory, and safety criteria.

Furthermore, the FEV350 seamlessly integrates with Fluke’s 1664FC multi-function installation tester for full EVCS certification, providing earth bond, insulation, and loop/line impedance measurements. The 1664FC makes it possible to share data online via Fluke Connect and Fluke Cloud. The FEV350 also integrates with Fluke’s TruTestTM EVSE software for efficient data management and reporting, enabling users to import, organise, analyse, and compare measurement results and generate comprehensive client reports.

This means users can quickly import measurement results from the EV charging analyser to the computer to organise and analyse the data, compare individual asset data against previous imported measurements and provide a comprehensive report.

Riccardo Bigoni, Sales Programme Manager, Fluke said: “If you’re involved in the installation, operation and maintenance of commercial or outdoor electric vehicle AC charging stations, the FEV350 will be your new tool of choice. Being able to perform and document multiple tests quickly and efficiently without having to use multiple tools will be a major benefit to technicians who operate in this rapidly changing and demanding market. The built-in guides in particular will simplify inspections and streamline maintenance. We sincerely believe the FEV350 will play a key role in the acceleration of EV charging station testing.”

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