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Source measure unit meets 3D sensing test challenges

8th May 2018
Mick Elliott

The Keithley Model 2606B System SourceMeter from Tektronix is an instrument that packs four 20W SMU channels into a single 1U form factor chassis. Targeting the growing 3D sensing manufacturing industry, the rackspace-saving Model 2606B combines a precision power supply, true current source, 6½-digit DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, and pulse generator into one instrument.

With its patented series ranging topology, the Model 2606B delivers up to 20,000 operations per second resulting from faster and smoother range changes and outputs that settle more quickly.

Over the next few years, 3D sensing technology is expected to become commonplace across consumer devices including smartphones and widely deployed in a range of automotive and industrial applications.

Laser diodes based on VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) technology form the heart of 3D sensors and must be tested throughout the supply chain.

Manufacturers face challenges to increase test capacity as demand grows while preserving floor space.

The source measure unit’s (SMU) compact form factor means test engineers and system integrators can significantly increase per-rack channel capacity without adding more racks of test equipment.

The unit incorporates the equivalent of two Keithley Model 2602B System SourceMeters to form a four-channel 1U full-rack unit.

Floor space is a critical parameter for many system integrators testing laser diodes and moving to a higher density solution eliminates the need to add racks of test equipment.

The SMU’s 1U form factor improves density by 3x since there is no need for a thermal spacer (for airflow) between units. It enables 12 Model 2606B SMU channels to be mounted in the same 3U rack space as only four SMU channels under the previous solution.

To give customers a smooth transition, the Model 2606B offers 100 percent code compatibility with the industry leading Keithley Model 2601B and 2602B products. It uses the same TSP (Test Script Processor) programming code as the existing instruments, eliminating the need for any code changes.

The SMU offers an accurate current and voltage source, 6 ½ digits measurement resolution, and 0.015 percent basic measurement accuracy that is identical to the existing 2601B and 2602B, ensuring measurement correlation between the different models.

The same analogue I/O and TSP-Link connectors are also employed, eliminating the need for different connectors and cables and helping to drive lower test costs.

The Keithley Model 2606B System SourceMeter SMU instrument is available globally.

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