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New MOST50 data logger

13th April 2011
ES Admin
Telemotive AG provides with the new MOST50 data logger (incl. Single Wire CAN and ECL) solutions for all MOST standards. Beside the interface for MOST50, the now shippable blue PiraT 50M5C1SW2L offers also the possibility to record the Electronic Control Line (ECL). This speeds-up the detection of ring-breaks, allows improved diagnostics and saves herewith time during the development phase.
As second point, the Telemotive MOST50 data logger has an interface for single-wire CAN, this makes the MOST50 data logger very interesting for car makers which are using vehicle bus system on a single-wire base. Furthermore 5 CAN, 4 serial ports, 2 LIN, 1 Ethernet interface(s) can also be logged. The including client software enables the easy operation and conversion/export into various data formats.

The blue PiraT is also available with MOST25 and MOST150 interfaces and offers therefore solutions for all MOST standards. In addition there are variants of the blue PiraT available with up to 10 CAN, 4 LIN, 2 FlexRay, 4 serial and 4 Ethernet interfaces. All models of blue PiraT have the automotive qualification, paired with the well-established power management, ease-of-use operation, compact product size, license extension etc. Telemotive AG - we drive your ideas

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