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Mid-range oscilloscope smooths test path process

10th November 2020
Mick Elliott

Optimised for both debug and analysis Keysight Technologies new Infiniium 8-channel oscilloscope technology is now available via both distributors and direct from Keysight.

It is Keysight’s lowest cost Windows-based scope.

Available with four or eight channels, the oscilloscope offers a bandwidth of 500Mhz to 2GHz, and a sample rate of 16 GSa/s.

Art McFall, Marketing Initiative Manager, EMEAI for Keysight Technologies emphasizes the accuracy of the new oscilloscope.

“There’s lots of talk about bits in oscilloscopes to see signals in more detail. That’s not the whole story,” he asserts.

“You have to consider the signal path from the tip of the probe all the way to the display, s low noise is important for accuracy. The EXR has class-leading low noise of just 43 microvolts. If you don’t have that low noise, all the extra bits are just digitised noise and there’s no advantage.”

The oscilloscope can test through the entire power ecosystem embracing power conversion, power up/down sequencing, power rails and distribution and power consumption.

The protocol layer testing feature offers hardware triggering that enables users to capture physical layer anomalies. Trigger and decode customisation lets users drill down further and they can test signals against industry standards with compliance tests.

“Instrument integration has become a major innovation for oscilloscopes,” says McFall.

“So the EXR has three individual frequency counters to help engineers determine timing between signals. It also has a digital voltmeter, a protocol analyser, 16-channel logic analyser and 50MHz frequency response analysers and arbitrary function generator.”

Software applications enable scope to be a power analyser, and adds McFall, this integration reduces bench clutter and the single box enables easy integration into an automatic test environment.

Upgrades enable budget flexibility so that users can initially buy what they need and upgrade when extra performance is required.

Infiniium offline software allows users to perform measurements from home, and it allows the EXR to be controlled from any location in the world.

“It helps cut costs and accelerate time to market,” says McFall.

“Customers told us they wanted an instrument that is intuitive to use, they don’t want to learn a new user interface, so processes are presented in a simple flow on a 15.6-inch touchscreen, and all buttons have a help feature.”

The Fault Hunter feature, which is exclusive to Infiniium EXR and MXR, automates rare or random signal fault detection.

With the push of a button, the oscilloscope automatically analyses the normal signal and initiates advanced triggers to find rare or random signal faults.

Fault Hunter finds physical layer signal anomalies, speeding design and troubleshooting efforts.

The Infiniium EXR-Series include a three-year warranty and built-in KeysightCare Technical Support

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