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New Emerson Network Power VPX System Chassis Simplifies Development, Testing and Deployment

23rd April 2013
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At the Design West Expo today, Emerson Network Power today announced its latest VPX system chassis: the KR8-VPX-3-6-1. Designed primarily for development, testing and lab duties, the KR8-VPX-3-6-1 can also be deployed in ground benign installations as it meets Emerson’s standard safety, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental requirements.
The new VPX system chassis will enable original equipment manufacturers to rapidly develop, test and evolve their applications.

VPX is an open standard that brings support for switched fabric technologies to the 3U and 6U Eurocard formats that are most popular with users of VMEbus. Radar and sonar are two major application areas being considered by prime contractors for the adoption of VPX technology along with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor-based applications.

Emerson Network Power’s new VPX system chassis accommodates up to five 3U VPX payload blades and associated rear transition modules. It is designed to simplify the development of next-generation applications with a range of features including removable side panels for module debugging, AC power input with standard IEC inlet and a top mounted handle that makes it easier for users to move the enclosure.

“The new VPX-based KR8 chassis is designed to make it as easy as possible for developers to get ahead with their application development,” said Eric Gauthier, vice president product marketing for Emerson Network Power’s Embedded Computing business. “Coming hot on the heels of our recently announced VPX3000 system-level OpenVPX fanless enclosure and iVPX-7225 3U processor blade, this new development and deployment platform underlines Emerson Network Power’s commitment to having the building blocks in place to be a leading provider of custom and complete integrated solutions in this market.”

The Emerson Network Power KR8-VPX-3-6-1 backplane features one inch slot pitch and complies with the VITA 65 backplane profile. The payload slots comply with the VITA 65 payload slot profile with channels A and B arranged as two x4 fat pipes configured as a twisted ring from slots one to five. Payload control plane signals are available for RTM use.

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