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Inline test system short set-up time cuts costs

21st April 2017
Mick Elliott

The Leon Inline Tiny from Konrad Technolgies is a cost effective, high volume manufacturing inline test system for In-circuit Test, Functional Test, Boundary Scan with up to 1500 test points. This high-volume manufacturing inline test system integrates well with high standard board handling equipment, including conveyors and short stations and is suitable for straightforward integration into production or testing lines.

With a short set-up time and automated fixtures, manufacturers can save time and money automating their production.

“To meet the highest industry standards, the Leon Inline Tiny is a high speed automated inboard handling system developed with scalability and lowest cost of test in mind,” said Andreas Millinger Head of Hardware Development. “It integrates seamlessly with our LEON Fixture enabling an easy ramp up/down of productions quantities. This innovative test system is highly extensible and paves the way for manufacturing intelligence.”

By residing completely within the line automation equipment footprint, the Leon Inline Tiny offers a complete configuration for most testing operations and features safety interlocks essential to automated operation, thus improving accuracy and fault coverage.

It also incorporates the robust ABex - Analogue Bus Extension Backplane as well as automated board handling. This economic volume manufacturing system also fits the requirements for electronic manufacturing within the automotive industry.

The ABexl test platform accelerates productivity, development throughput and time to market. Applicable in various industries and technological fields, this platform covers complex test challenges anywhere on the production line.

Due to its flexible system architecture with an analogue bus backplane and terminal modules, the platform allows the integration of technology specific extensions with the benefit of short system setup times and a reduction in total system costs.

The LEON Inline Tiny offers a complete turnkey solution for rapid implementation in your environment and unlimited variants and different contacting height levels for ICT-FCT.

It features automated parallel testing (max.16 embedded PCB testers in parallel), SMEMA interface, up to 1500 test points and fixure kits from manual adapter which can be reused to save integration cost, time and risk.

Konrad will be demoing the new Leon Inline Tiny as well as the NI platform based ADAS test solutions (Lidar, Camera and Radar Simulation tests) for driverless cars during NI Week in Austin (May 22-24).

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