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Handheld analyser delivers 100MHz for 5G testing

FieldFox B-series is the next generation of Keysight Technologies’ multi-purpose spectrum analyser, delivering a bandwidth up to 100 MHz for wide-band, real-time spectrum analysis to enable 5G testing in the field.

Accurate microwave measurements are becoming increasingly necessary in harsh and hard-to-reach environments spanning a wide range of conditions: day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold; aboard a ship, in an aircraft, or in a vehicle.

In these situations, a handheld instrument must be capable of making the required measurements with performance and accuracy.

Keysight's new FieldFox B-series analysers offer wide-band, gap-free, real-time measurement capabilities that enable 5G network testing in the field. In addition, these new capabilities enable customers to locate and identify the shortest interfering threats to their satellite communication networks.

Designed to withstand the toughest working conditions, the durable and portable FieldFox B handheld analysers provide:

  • PRF 28800F compliant to withstand explosive impact and wet weather conditions
  • 10dB improvement in displayed average noise level (DANL) for measuring low noise signals and detecting weak interferers
  • Collect, play back, and analyse raw I/Q data for electronic warfare test
  • Save time and space in the field kit with a task-driven user interface for each operation mode
  • Handle routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting with precision, including multiple measurement applications to meet specific measurement needs
  • Easily transport measurements from the field to the lab for further analysis with the 89600 VSA software

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