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Ethernet/IP tester supports 10G networks

5th May 2015
Mick Elliott

A next generation Ethernet/IP tester has been unveiled by GL Communications. The PacketExpert 10G supports comprehensive testing of 10G Ethernet/IP networks. The tester has two 10Gbps optical ports and two 10/100/1000 Mbps electrical/optical ports capable of Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), Smart Loopback, RFC 2544, Wirespeed Record and Playback, IP Link Simulation and Impairment Emulation (IPLinkSim) and Y.1564 (ExpertSAM) test functionalities.

These tests are supported on each port independently for wirespeed Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP testing. BERT is implemented for all layers. RFC 2544/Y.1564 is applicable for Layers 2, 2.5, and 3, and Loopback is applicable for Layers 2, 3, and 4.

Also provided is a Command Line Interface (CLI) which allows the users to access all the aforementioned functionalities remotely using a TCL or Python client and MAPS CLI server.

THere is also a touchscreen handheld PacketExpert 10G version of 10G Ethernet/IP Tester with a Tablet PC mounted on PacketExpert 10G suitable for field testing.

With the capability to generate/receive traffic with stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q) and stacked MPLS, the instrument finds use in testing a wide range of networks i.e. testing individual links/switches, testing local Ethernet/IP networks (LANs), end to end testing of Wide Area Networks (WANs), testing Core/MPLS networks and more.

GL also provides a software only Ethernet IP Test tool referred to as PacketCheck a general purpose network performance analysis tool for 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps networks.

PacetExpert 10G supports RFC 2544 tests up to 10Gbps.

RFC 2544 tests include throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back performance tests in accordance with RFC 2544 specifications. RFC 2544 tests can be performed between the two 10G ports – Port2 and Port3, with the Device Under Test (DUT) connected in between these two ports.

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